Sacred Plants for Sustenance of Mankind

S.K.Sood, Suresh Kumar and T.N. Lakhanpal, Daya, 2013, x, 625 p, 101 col. plates, ISBN : 9788170358107, $120.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Sacred Plants for Sustenance of MankindThis book-a rich mine of our current knowledge on the subject, brings together for the first time in a single listing, a first-hand up-to-date ethnobotanical information on 305 species (edible-77 spp; fodder-32 spp; material culture-60 spp; medicinal-96 spp; ornamental-232 spp; sacred-114 spp) belonging to 223 genera under 95 families of temple-courtyard plants of Himachal Himalaya. Over 522 photographs, 21 figures, 53 tables and 3 useful appendices enhance the value of the manual significantly. A glance through the contents will show the wide scope of the work and the thoroughness which went into its preparation. This remarkably penetrating volume with its comprehensive coverage of the subject is a vital reference source for research scientists, students and scholars of ethnobotany, economic botany, pharmacists, medical practitioners, chemists, biotechnologists, corporate houses, plant genetic research institutions, institutional libraries, policy planners etc. or for those who want to diversify in this field.
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