100 Great Indian Recipes

Master Chefs of India, Lustre, 144 p, ISBN : 9788174367648, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

100 Great Indian Recipes

India's culinary history is unparalleled in the world due to its richness, refinement, variety, and spirit of innovation. Every part of the country boasts of vibrant food traditions that are based on seasons, festivals, cycles of sowing and harvest, celebrations, weddings, feasts, even fasts and funerals. No matter what the occasion or season, the Indian kitchen has a menu for it. It is no mean feat for a cookbook to compile a representative selection of recipes from all these diverse cuisines, a task 100 Great Indian Recipes accomplishes with skill and simplicity. 100 Great Indian Recipes brings together delectable recipes perfected in the kitchens of India over several generations and centuries. Recipes in this book cover the entire range of a modern menu - from starters and beverages to entrées and desserts - and will provide the culinary enthusiast much to experiment with in the kitchen and partake of at the table. These hundred recipes have specially been selected from among thousands to bring to you the true, unforgettable flavour of India.

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