Emerging Opportunities in Alternative Poultry Farming Systems

edited by D. Thyagarajan, A. Ashok, G. Raj Manohar and M. Murugan, Satish Serial Publishing House, 2013, vii, 260 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 9789381226445, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Emerging Opportunities in Alternative Poultry Farming Systems

Contents: 1. Alternate poultry farming in India/P. Thangaraju. 2. Future prospects for alternate poultry farming systems in India/P.K. Shukla and Sujit Nayak. 3. Role of alternative poultry in meat production/N. Kondaiah and P. Mooventhan. 4. Alternative poultry for sustainable, supplementary income and food security review/K. Ravi Kumar. 5. Nutritional planning of poultry other than chicken/V. Ramasubba Reddy. 6. Existing and emerging diseases in alternative poultry species their diagnosis and prevention/R.N.S. Gowda. 7. Emerging diseases on alternate poultry farming systems/V. Purushothaman. 8. Over view of biosecurity in poultry production/A. T. Venugopalan. 9. Package of practices for scientific turkey farming/D. Thyagarajan, D. Santhi and J. Ramesh. 10. Improving guinea fowl for low input rural poultry production system/Deepak Sharma... Poultry farming is one of the major industrial activities in India. India having the positive position of third in egg production and fifth in broiler meat production. Poultry industry directly provides employment opportunities to three million peoples. Increase in one egg per person can provide employment generation to the extend of 50,000 person. Main success of the Poultry industry is the timely availabilities of the critical inputs along with quality and necessary marketing infrastructure. It is to be highlighted that the technological inputs is a critical factor for successful venture in any enterprise. Research and development in any field is a stronghold of the industry for future success. It is to be stressed that expansion of the enterprise is purely depends on the scientific input. In this text book, special emphasis has been given in all about the alternate poultry farming system. Alternate or diversified poultry farming system has its own scope for vast expansion with much employment potential and income generation. All the farming activities of the turkey, quail, duck, geese, emu, ornamental bird and pigeon rearing are listed out in detail. In each farming system all technical input like genetics and breeding, nutrition, feeding, disease control and prospective are discussed in detail. It is a first edited book of this kind. I hope it will be very useful to all the target groups and end users.

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