Dictionary of Forest Management : Includes Economics Fire Range and Wildlife

S.S. Sagwal, APC, 1996, viii, 221 p, ISBN : 8186580026, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. Terminology. Bibliography. Appendices. Index.

"Forests are great assets for a nation like India. The management of forests is of great importance now due to crawling up several nuisance problems created due to ever increasing population. The present book Dictionary of Forest Management is a unique piece of work. In this book, the terminologies of related subjects, viz., forest fire, forest ranges and wildlife have been clubbed together to make it a comprehensive subject. However, each and every term has been explained in a very simple and lucid language, so that even the non-foresters and particularly the students of various disciplines can understand easily. At the end of the terms, some common notes related to forest management, forest economics, forest fires, forest ranges and wildlife have been given to impart a first-hand and preliminary knowledge and information about the subject. It is earnestly hoped that the book will prove beneficial to the readers particularly the students, scholars, teachers, forest students and the foresters." (jacket)

[S.S. Sagwal is working at S.K. University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, Srinagar, J & K.]

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