Coins and Culture : An Archaeological Approach

Sunil C. Ray, Angkor, 1996, xiii, 447 p, plates, maps, ISBN : 8185992029, $46.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. North-west India. 3. Gangetic plains and eastern India. 4. Central India and Deccan. 5. South India. 6. Conclusion. Appendices: 1. Table showing stratigraphic sequence of coins in excavations with associated finds. 2. Note on the coins of the plates. 3. Note on pictorial chart: Ropar. 4. Note on pictorial chart: Ujjain. 5. Note on the schematic section: Hastinapura. 6. Note on excavated section: Chandravalli. 7. Note on maps. 8. Note on some select Terracotta finds interlocked with coins. Bibliography. Index.

"The book emphasises upon the significant relevance of coin as a measuring meter to determine the chronology and sequence of cultures revealed from closely observed archaeological excavations in India conducted under scientific methods of stratification and vice versa, the impact of the cultural equipments of the coin-bearing strata on the coeval monetary issues, a study of which often modifies, supplements or rectifies many conventional ideas on early Indian coins. Incidentally, the work undertakes a critical analysis of many associated topics and sorts out the salient material features of the successive cultural deposits of early historic India. (jacket)

[Sunil C. Ray's works include Early History and Culture of Kashmir and Stratigraphic Evidence of Coins in Indian Excavations and Some Allied Issues.]

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