A Text Book on Greens and Salad Vegetables

S. Mariappan, N. Deepa Devi, V. Premalakshmi, S. Manisegaran and V. Swaminathan, Jaya Publishing House, 2014, xi, 148 p, ISBN : 9789382471462, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

 A Text Book on Greens and Salad Vegetables

Contents: Preface. Foreword. 1. Introduction. 2. Amaranthus. 3. Palak/spinach beet/beet leaf. 4. Spinach. 5. Fenugreek Methi. 6. Basella. 7. Chekurmanis  vegetable of 21st century. 8. Black night shade. 9. Chakkaravarthini greens bathu leaves. 10. Ceylon Spinach…..

Vegetables are important protective food providing vitamins minerals and fibre. Among the vegetables green leafy vegetables are one of the richest sources of nutrition and have numerous health advantages including cancer prevention, detoxification and also play a vital role in the global drive to end hidden hunger micro nutrient deficiency. The people in different field are not much aware of its nutritional status and importance. This book is revelation providing detailed information of importance principle and package of all the leafy and salad vegetables. The area, production and productivity of leafy vegetables. The area production and productivity of leafy vegetables could be increased by the growers using the technologies provided in this book. (jacket)

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