The Genus Primula L. in India : A Taxonomic Revision

Sandip Kumar Basak, Gaurgopal Maiti and Prabhat Kumar Hajra, BSMPS, 2014, ix, 670 p, 136 b/w figs, b/w plates, ISBN : 9788121104913, $165.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The Genus Primula L. in India : A Taxonomic Revision

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Historical background. 3. Materials and methods. 4. Gross morphology. 5. Pollen micro-morphology. 6. Seed morphology. 7. Systematic treatment. 8. Classification. 9. Discussion. References. Index.

The Genus Primula L. in India : A Taxonomic Revision deals with complete account of Indian species of Primula. This genus is one of the most beautiful herbaceous temperate alpine plants with high level of diversity. In this book total number of 106 species and 13 infra specific taxa of Primula distributed in Indian region have been documented through original taxonomic revisionary study. It provides the account of present species of Primula of Indian region with their correct nomenclatural status under the light of modern classification. Some new taxa and new combinations have also been made in this work. The distributional aspects, nomenclatural and ecological notes along with the cultivation practices are revisited here to evaluate the information on spread and confinement endemic nature and habitat with the possibilities of cultivation of some species.

This latest account on Primula of India emphasizes on correct nomenclature together with key for easy field level identification for one of the largest genera. One of the significant features is the presentation of seed morphology of 56 species with four infra specific taxa and pollen study of 14 species through scanning electron microscopy. With the assistance of line drawings, photographs of live plants and photographs of nomenclatural types an attempt has been made for proper identification. The morphological plasticity of high number of species has been taxonomically treated with an idea of evolution within the genus and its allied genera to make this revisionary study useful to the plant taxonomists. Most of the queries on Indian Primulla will be satisfactorily resolved by this book. (jacket)

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