Agricultural Extension and Farm Journalism

A.K. Singh, Agrobios, 2014, xiv, 231 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 9788177545425, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Agricultural Extension and Farm Journalism

Contents: 1. History of Journalism/Press in India. 2. Farm Journalism: An introduction. 3. Guidelines for writing farm articles. 4. Farmer-Led Journalism (FLD).  5. Mass media for rural development. 6. Editing. 7. Visual graphics. 8. Information technology. 9. Public/Mass communication.  Selected references.

Indian media consists of several different types of communications: Television, Radio, Cinema, Newspapers, Magazines and Internet-based Web sites/portals. Farm journalism covers a wide range of crops (commercial and subsistence) and farm and household management themes. The book has been prepared with the aim that it will provide up-dated knowledge to the farmers, extension workers and policy planners. The book is self-supporting source of information and is based on a philosophy of farmer participation in the generation of information. It helps to educate the farmers for new adaptive and iterative approach of technologies. It encourages the farmer-to-farmer communication and a counterbalance to government and industry promotional campaigns.  (jacket)

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