Environment and Biodiversity

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Environment and Biodiversity

Contents: Preface. 1. Impact of climate breakdown on biodiversity/D.K. Belsare. 2. Hematological and biochemical alterations crossbred in cows exposed to cows exposed to air pollutants during rice strew burning in lower Egypt/Heba F.M. Hozyen, S.I.A. Shalaby, G.E.S Essawy, W.M. Ahmed and M.A. Abdelrahman. 3. Hydrological investigations of Dehgolan Plain, Kurdistan, Iran using geophysical techniques/Payam Sajadi, Amit Singh, Saumitra Mukherjee and Kamran Chapi. 4. Role of cuticular traits in water balance mechanisms in Drosophilids: analysis of melanisation desiccation hypothesis/Ravi Parkash. 5. Management practices of painting without pollution/Shruti Sukumar and Neelima Gupta. 6. Bioecological studies on orthopteran fauna in greater Himalayan belt of Himachal Pradesh/K.L. Sharma and V.K. Mattu. 7. Soil nematode fauna: useful tool for the biological monitoring of soil ecosystems and the effects of climatic changes/Anjum Nasreen Rizvi. 8. Bamboo: an alternative resource in sustaining the Himalayan ecosystem/Anjuli Agarwal. 9. Biotic spectrum of holy river Manorma with special reference to zooplankton diversity/Anuradha Shukla and J.P. Shukla. 10. Studies on some water quality parameters of the wetlands of District Mainpuri (U.P.) India/Amita Sarkar. 11. Impact of global climate change on pollinator diversity and conservation/Neelam Mattu and Vinod K. Mattu. 12. Rising levels of hydrotoxicants: a menace ahead for sustainable health and socio-economic development of Rajasthan/D.D. Ozha. 13. Diversity and distribution of rust fungi in Central Himalayan Region/Anwesha Singh and Uma Tiwari Palni. 14. Diversity and abundance of macroinvertebrate fauna in Pagladia river of Assam/H. Das and A. Dutta. 15. Green house effect and global warming: causes, consequences and steps to minimise the climate change/Dilip Kumar Keshri. 16. Climatic factors vis-à-vis tasar silk production with reference to assessment of its sustainability/Nitu Kumari and S.P. Roy. 17. Larger scale distributional patterns of Benthic macroinvertebrate fauna in the Himalayan streams/Prakash Nautiyal and Asheesh Shivam Mishra.18. Change detection of vegetation using NDVI: loss of biodiversity in Jharia coalfield/Sanjay Prasad, Deepak Kumar, Amit Ghosh and M. Ahmad. 19. Indoor air pollution: a threat to rural women and children/Kirti Kesarwani and Aditi Vats. 20. Biodiversity loss by human activities/Pallavi Kumari Pushpam, Kumari Akanshi and Prabhash Kumar. 21. Green tourism: a sustainable approach to emphasize the nationalized economy/Arti Gupta and Shalini Anand. 22. Impact of cloudburst disaster and its management in India/Dilip Kumar Keshri.

“Environment and Biodiversity” is an excellent compilation of ideas of several devoted authors who have made significant contributors in the areas of environment and biodiversity. Today, all of us are deeply concerned about our environment and the rapidly depleting biodiversity. This publication highlights several important aspects of the environment including biodiversity and biodiversity hotspots, green house effects and global warming assessment protocols of biodiversity loss, human activities and biodiversity green tourism climate change, pollution and its role on the varied biomes and biota, monitoring of pollution, utilization of natural resources and conservation and management strategies. It lays stress on the most recent researchers in environmental sciences by the contributions of learned authors who have left no stone unturned to express their views in the most student-researcher friendly manner. The publication includes 22 selected, reviewed articles under the theme “Environment and Biodiversity” of the International Conference on Recent Trends in climate Change Researches vis-à-vis biodiversity. The editors have taken every precaution to make the publication error-free, nevertheless, we welcome a positive feedback and fruitful suggestions to further improve the forthcoming publications.

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