International and Comparative Librarianship and Information Systems : Ranganathan Memorial Volumes

Edited by P.N. Kaula, Krishan Kumar et. al, B.R. Pub., 1996, xxix, 942 p, 2 volumes, ISBN : 8170188709, $198.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: I. Episodes and encounters from the life of Ranganathan: 1. Some episodes from Ranganathan's life/P.N. Kaula. 2. An encounter with Ranganathan : a sentimantal reflection/Nasser Sharify. 3. Remembering Ranganathan : his work in Delhi/P.N. Kaula. II. Ranganathan as a man: 4. Ranganathan : A Karma Yogi/R. Sreepathi Naidu. 5. Ranganathan : a nationalist/P.S.G. Kumar. 6. Ranganathan : the man and his traits/V.S. Rastogi. 7. Ranganathan : a great thinker, doer and writer/G.L. Trehan. III. Major contributions of Ranganathan: 8. Ranganathan's contribution to library and information science : a surficial look into the impact/M.V. Venugopal. 9. Relevance of Ranganathan's concepts and ideas in the contemporary librarianship : an analysis/B. Ramesh Babu. IV. Laws of library science: 10. Impact of 'five laws of library science' on the 'evaluation of library services'/M. Kanakachary. 11. Five laws of Ranganathan in the context of personnel management in libraries/P. Rajarathnam Chetty. V. Academic libraries: 12. Ranganathan and Indian academic libraries/R.N. Sharma. VI. Public libraries: 13. Ranganathan's dream/K. Navalani. 14. Ranganathan and public library system/R. Raman Nair. VII. Library classification: 15. Ranganathan's classification theories under the systems science postulates/Emilia Curras. 16. Semantic and syntactic interaction with computers/Anand P. Srivastava. 17. Ranganathan : the propounder of dynamic theory of library classification/A.A.N. Raju. 18. Analytico-synthetic model--challenges/P. Dhyani. 19. Classification of Upanishads in colon classification/M. Parameswaran. 20. Impact of Ranganathan's facet analysis on Dewey decimal classification/G. Hemasundar Naidu. VIII. Cataloguing and indexing: 21. Foundations of the classified catalogue code/Krishan Kumar. 22. Structured subject indexes and impact of Ranganathan's principles/D. Rajyalakshmi. IX. Librametrics: 23. Ranganathan : a profile in relation to librametry/M.A. Gopinath. 24. Applications of librametrics/S.L. Sangam. X. Knowledge communication: 25. Relevance of Ranganathan's philosophy of knowledge communication : An analysis/M.S. Subramanian. XI. Library management: 26. Ranganathan's principles and their relevance to modern management/P. Kamaiah. 27. Ranganathan, the management scientist, par excellence/S. Seetharama. 28. Ranganathan's scientific approach to management of library/information systems/Dorothy Isaac. 29. Management of absenteeism in libraries : views of Ranganathan/K. Ramchander Rao. 30. Reflections on Ranganathan's staff formula/B. Ramesh Babu. 31. Ranganathan's philosophical concepts based planning in information management environment/V. Kasi Rao. XII. Reference service: 32. Impact of Ranganathan on development of reference service/Sewa Singh. XIII. Documentation standards: 33. Ranganathan--images and echoes: documentation standards/Gurcharan Singh. XIV. Library profession: 34. Ranganathan--a professional par excellence/P.K. Jayaswal. 35. Contribution of Ranganathan vis-a-vis the professional development of librarians : study in professionology/Rajashekhar S. Devarai and T. Damodaram. 36. PMEST of Ranganathan's letters to Thillainayagam, 1952-1972. XV. Comparative librarianship: 37. Comparative librarianship and Ranganathan's writings/Sewa Singh. XVI. International librarianship: 38. Impact of Ranganathan's concepts and ideas on international librarianship/P.N. Kaula. 39. Impact of the contributions of Ranganathan in Denmark/Svend Engel and Jens B. Friis-Hansen. 40. The impact of Ranganathan's work in Spain/Rosa San Segundo Manuel. 41. Ranganathan and the Russia/E.R. Sukiasyan. XVII. Research methodology: 42. Ranganathan : an outstanding philosopher of science/G. Bhattacharyya. 43. Ranganathan and team research/M.P. Satija. 44. A critique of the spiral of scientific method/M.P. Satija. Appendix: Highlights of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan: 1. Family. 2. Education. 3. Employment. 4. Honours and awards. 5. Chief events. 6. Books and pamphlets.

Vol. II. I. Special libraries: 1. A dream comes true : a unique textile information centre for developing countries/P.C. Shah. 2. Information gathering habits of Indian agricultural scientists in a university environment/B.S. Maheswarappa and S.N. Desai. 3. Information services of UNIDO/C.P. Ramasesh. II. Public libraries: 4. Constitutional approach to library legislation for India/G.C. Bansal. 5. Library acts in Indian states: a comparative assessment/R. Raman Nair. 6. Public library facilities in Pakistan based on the technical working group's inquiry (1983-84)/Anis Khurshid. 7. The mass literacy campaign and role of libraries in Ethiopia/Girma Makonnen. 8. Role of public libraries in eradicating adult illiteracy/Preeti Goel. III. National libraries: 9. National library of Nigeria : its birth and activities/Joseph O. Aina. 10. Collection, preparation and importance of legal deposit materials: the practice at National Library of Nigeria/Joseph O. Aina and W.F. Adio. IV. Information systems: 11. Information systems and services in India: present status and trends/P.B. Mangla. 12. Proposal for population information system in Bangladesh/Mirza Mohd. Rezaul Islam. 13. Comparative study of developing countries' effort in scientific and technological information with a view to policy formulation for S.T.I. for Nigeria/E. Ndubuisi O. Adimorah. V. Collection development: 14. Collection development of a library: problems and some solutions/Y. Nagi Reddy and K. Nagaraja Rao. VI. Organization of knowledge: 15. The vertical integration of sciences as a stabilizing factor for mankind/Emilia Curras. VII. Library classification and indexing: 16. Experiments with classification/Mogens Weitemeyer. 17. Treatment of Islam: a comparative study of expansions of the class number 297 in Dewey decimal classification/Syed Riazuddin. 18. Book indexing: the classificational approach/Robert Fugmann. VII. Bibliometrics: 19. A bibliometric analysis of cross-references in a scientific field/K.S. Chudamani and B.C. Sandhya. 20. Citation tendency in Indian library science literature/A.K. Kundu and Ganga Shiue. 21. Citation patterns of Ethiopian medical literature for the years, 1985-1989/Girma Makonnen. 22. Citation analysis and content analysis/S.R. Ijari, B.V. Rajashekhar and S.K. Savanur. IX. Information technology: 23. Information technology and libraries : a state of the art review of awareness, achievements and problems/A.M. Iheaturu. 24. Electronic transmission of information: the role of new information technology/M. Natarajan and T. Jayasri. 25. Making on-line connection/N.V. Sathyanarayana. 26. Impact of North American on-line/CD-ROM industry on China/Harry Campbell. 27. Close your stacks and let technology open new doors/Farideh Tehrani. 28. A case for computer literacy for librarians in the developing countries/Joseph O. Aina. 29. New information technologies in increasing information access in agriculture/K. Rajasekharan. X. Resource sharing: 30. Networking of language and linguistic libraries in India: a proposal/H.A. Khan and Sulochana S. Murthy. 31. Library cooperation practices of Nigerian university libraries/I.K. Antwi. 32. Need a change? Try exchange--a framework for resource sharing among libraries in Pakistan/Attaullah. XI. Library management: 33. Planning the staffing levels and recruitment policies in university libraries/M. Kanakachary. XII. Documentation: 34. Cuba: 150 years of documentation, from past's lessons to the challenge of informatization/Jesus Raymat Betancourt and Liliana Guerrero Ramos. 35. Documentation in Spain: state of the art/Elias Sanz and Antonio Hernandez. XIII. Library profession: 36. The statute for professionals in information science : ten years later situation in Spain/Emilia Curras. 37. Challenges to the library profession in Ghana/Anaba Alemna. 38. The coverage accorded to libraries by the Nigerian dailies/Joseph O. Aina. XIV. Publishing and book trade: 39. Indian publishing: a critical look/Girja Kumar. 40. The books that shook the British Empire in India: a study of Bankim's "Anandmath" and Savarkar's "Indian war of independence"/L.S. Ramaiah. XV. Library and information science education: 41. Genesis of library education: its advent to Indian sub-continent/Nasiruddin Ahmad. 42. The essential elements for education, training and research/P.A. Mohanrajan. 43. A rethinking on library and information science education in India/Sanjaya Mishra. 44. International and comparative research in library education/Jashu Patel. 45. The impact of information technology on the education and training of information professionals in West Africa/Anaba Alemna. XVI. International Librarianship: 46. Libraries in Norway/A Committee Report. 47. Research activities, library facilities and publications in Ethiopia/M.M. Job. 48. Development of libraries, librarianship and library education in Ethiopia/Sushma Gupta and Davendra K. Gupta.

"The book, brought out under the auspices of the International Ranganathan Centenary Volume Committee, is in two volumes. 93 papers contributed by 91 authors from all over the world have been broadly divided into two broad areas, viz., those relating to Dr. Ranganathan and his works, in Volume I, and papers relating to various areas of library and information science, in Volume II." (jacket)

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