Gandhian Political Economy: Principles Practice and Policy

, Ane Books,  2012, pbk,  284 p, ISBN : 9789381162583, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

 Gandhian Political Economy: Principles Practice and Policy

This book identifies and analyses the political economy elements in Gandhi's thought, evaluating the spiritual and ontological basis of Gandhian political economy, and examing the contemporary relevance of Gandhian Political economy both in terms of alternative types of heterodox political economy and in terms of policy. The book presents a groundbreaking step in the creation of a new 'Gandhian' Political economy.

Professor Ghosh's present work is the first book to develop the Gandhian political economy. He brilliantly examines Gandhian methodology and further themes on inequality, justice, conflict resolution, the role of government, industrialization, and the reasons for development and underdevelopment. This is a must read for those who wish to know how Gandhi's thought can be applied to contemporary political economy perspective on the world.

Professor Phillip O'Hara, Curtin University of Technology, Australia.

I do not know of any other work on Gandhi's economic thought that is remotely comparable to Professor Ghosh's book in its depth and range. It fills an important gap in the Gandhian literature and should encourage economists to pay closer attention to the epistemological, moral and other presuppositions of their discipline.

Professor Bhikhu Parekh, University of Hull, UK

Professor Ghosh's new book on Gandhi's pioneering contributions is a major work that is both timely and highly relevant to meeting contemporary challenges of development studies. It is amazing how refreshing Gandhi's thinking remains after more than half a century. The book deserves to be read widely. (jacket)


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