Christian Cosmology: A Manual of Philosophy and Theology

Romero D'Souza, Christian World Imprints, 2014, xxvi, 446 p, ISBN : 9789351480150, $70.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Christian Cosmology: A Manual of Philosophy and Theology

The book provides a concise study of Cosmology at an introductory level. Starting from elementary principles and the history of cosmology, the text carefully guides the readers through a Christian philosophical journey in knowing and experiencing the Cosmos. It comprehensively deals with the historical background of understanding cosmology; it amplifies the origin and the problems of creation by basing itself substantially on philosophy - both the eastern and the western understanding of the world; and provides truthful reflections with selected authors for the conclusion. It offers a sound background in applying the principles of metaphysics to cosmology.

The annotated bibliography at the end of the book provides the readers with selected readings referred by the author. It is also recommended for further reading, interpretations and conclusions.

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