Cambodia: Independence and After

B E Shinde, Kaveri Books, 2013, x, 280 p, ISBN : 9788174791382, $53.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Cambodia: Independence and After

Contents: Preface. 1. Independence and after. 2. Cambodia and Vietnam war. 3. War and destruction. 4. Communists in power. 5. Vietnamese occupation. 6. Political quagmire. 7. PRK vs CGDK. 8. Stalemate. 9. Sino-Soviet detente and after. 10. Towards Paris conference. 11. Paris agreements. 12. Implementing Paris agreements. 13. Cambodian Democracy. 14. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.

This book is an attempt to trace the recent history of Cambodia with special reference to international politics. It delves in the mid-sixties when US escalated the war in Vietnam and the year 1998 is taken as the terminal year due to holding of the second general elections soon after the withdrawal of the Vietnamese troops. The speeches and writings of Sihanouk, the most important political leader of Cambodia during this period, have been given due importance. This book will be of interest to the scholars and researchers alike who are interested in international politics.

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