Christ in Multidimensional Context: An Integrated Presentation of Articles

Rev. Amit Thomas, Christian World Imprints, 2015, xviii, 213 p, ISBN : 9789351480372, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Christ in Multidimensional Context: An Integrated Presentation of Articles

Contents: Foreword. Introduction. 1. Methodological issues: religious language in theology. 2. Concept of sin within traditional understanding. 3. Historical models of Jesus' death (atonement). 4. Contemporary models of universal significance of the Christ-event.5. Christology from below: need of the hour. 6. Understanding of god: Paul Tillich (Part I). 7. History and the kingdom of God: Paul Tillich (Part II). 8. Tillich's appraisal of Buddhism in interreligious dialogue. 9. Hermeneutical view of Karl Barth and Rudolf Bultmann. 10. Contextual discussions: black theology by James H. Cone. 11. Analysis of the humanness of Jesus. 12. The pioneer of counter-culture movement : Jesus Sebastian Kappen. 13. Concept of salvation and humanization defined: M. M. Thomas. 14. The basics of tribal religion and culture. 15. Reservation issue in relation to minority in India. 16. Creation and the human responsibility. Bibliography. Index.

The book makes an attempt to understand Christ from different perspectives in the contemporary world. It tries to survey, both traditional as well as contemporary understanding of the subject and their relevance in the present day situation. This book is an outcome of much discussions and enormous reading. It explores the problem of religious language in theology and historical understanding of Christ as well as His contemporary view and its relevance. It calls for the theology to begin from the context and bottom not necessarily always from the transcendental level.

The Author has also showcased the teaching efforts and articles written and presented at different times by the esteemed personalities of this genre. He challenges us to be more active in understanding Christ from different parameters vis a vis the changed scenario of the modern world. The Author believes that Christ needs to be brought forth as a force of liberation and be embodied in all the changed situations, where still the unjust social structures suffocate people to live and grow.

This book is meant to be a handy tool for both the socio-theological fraternity as well as lay leadership, alike.

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