A Sectoral Profile of Indian Economy

B.S. Prakash, Ane Books, 2015, 240 p, ISBN : 9789383656981, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Sectoral Profile of Indian Economy

Contents: I. Introduction: 1. Broad economic sectors and the National Industrial Classification (NIC). 2. Informal sector domination. 3. Theoretical overview. 4. Database on informal sector. 5. Manpower-population ratios and manpower forecasting. II. The Agricultural Sector: Progress, Concerns and Challenges: Part-I Progress: 6. Thrust for agricultural development over the decades. 7. Nature and significance of land reforms. 8. New initiatives for agricultural sector - green revolution. 9. Rural industrialization programme. 10. Diversification of Indian agriculture. 11. Distribution of new technology gains. 12. Productivity trends. Part-II: Concerns:  13.  Capital formation. 14. Food security. 15. Agricultural marketing. 16. Agricultural cooperatives. 17. Agricultural finance. 18. Agricultural Price/Tax policy. 19. Environment. 20. International Commitment. III. Conclusion. IV. Glossary. Bibliography. List of tables.

This book sketches out the course of agricultural development in India. Addressing the critical areas in which major reforms are needed to improve the performance of the Indian agricultural sector, it dwells on important themes like land reforms, green revolution, rural industrialization for non-farm sector development, diversification, distribution of technology gains, productivity, capital formation, food security, agricultural marketing and cooperatives, finance and price/tax policy, etc. In light of the critical concerns that still persist to be faced on all these major fronts, especially with the challenges of environment and globalisation issues, major policy initiatives required to boost up the efficiency of the sector are discussed. The discussion on these issues is made in a conceptual and empirically centric manner so as to provide an analytical account of progress made and the challenges that have to be faced so as to make our growth process more inclusive in character.

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