Accounting Standards: Simplified

Israr Shaikh and CA Rajesh Makkar, LexisNexis, 2015, Pbk, 4th Edition, 433 p, ISBN : 9789351433705, $31.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Accounting Standards: Simplified

Contents: Foreword. Preface and Acknowledgements. Accounting Standards Snap shots – Summary for Quick Recap. Solved Question Paper - CA Final-November 2014. 1. Accounting standard introduction and framework. 2. AS-1: Disclosure of accounting policies. 3. AS-2 (Revised): Valuation of inventories. 4. AS-3 (Revised): Cash flow statement. 5. AS-4: Events occuring after the balance sheet. 6. AS-5 (Revised): Net Profits or Loss for the period, prior period items and changes in accounting policies. 7. AS-6: Depreciation accounting. 8. AS-7 (Revised): Construction contracts. 9. AS-9: Revenue recognition. 10. AS-10: Accounting for fixed assets. 11. AS-11 (Revised): The effect of changes in foreign exchange rates. 12. AS-12: Government grants. 13. AS-13: Investment accounts. 14. AS-14: Amalgamation and absorption. 15. AS-15 (Revised): Employees benefits. 16. AS-16: Borrowing costs. 17. AS-17: Segmental reporting. 18. AS-18: Related party disclosures. 19. AS-19: Leases. 20. AS-20: Earning per share. 21. AS-22: Taxes on Income.

Simple and Lucid presentation of AS
350 Plus Solved Problems
25 Past Year Papers covered with solution
Solved Question Papers of FR/Audit (May 2013 to Nov. 2014)
AS-30 thoroughly revised
Updated References of Schedule III
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