A Critical Study of the Varttikas of Katyayana

Madhusudan Mishra, Eastern, 1996, 208 p, ISBN : 8186339299, $17.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Introduction. I. Indian grammatical tradition, Katyayana and his Varttikas: 1. A brief history of Indian grammatical tradition. 2. History of grammatical Varttika-s. 3. Katyayana : his date, place of birth and works: a. Katyayana : the Varttikakara on Panini's Astadhyayi. b. Date of Katyayana. c. Katyayana and his tradition : did he belong to a tradition other than Panini? 4. Varttika and its synonyms. II. Definitions of Varttika. III. Uktanuktaduruktacinta and the aim of Katyayana's Varttika-s : a retrospection. IV. Upasamkhyana Varttika-s. V. Style of Katyayana's Varttika-s. Conclusion. Bibliography.

"The present work mainly aims at critically studying the Varttikas of Katyayana with a view to ascertaining the facts regarding a possible development of the Sanskrit language from Panini to Katyayana. The other important aspects of this study include a critical study and estimation of the various definitions of the Varttikas of Katyayana the aims and objects of Katyayana's Varttikas, the Varttika style, the success and failure of Panini and Katyayana in composing the sutras and Varttikas to regulate the languages of their times and their contribution to Sanskrit grammatical tradition." (jacket)

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