India-U.S. Relations and Asian Rebalancing

edited by Josukutty C.A., New Century Publications, 2015, 260 p, ISBN : 9788177084153, $48.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

 India-U.S. Relations and Asian Rebalancing

Contents: China and U.S. in Asia-pacific rebalancing/Srikanth Kondapalli. 2. India-U.S. rebalancing strategy in Asia-Pacific/Chintamani Mahapatra and Monish Tourangbam. 3. China’s responses to U.S. rebalancing strategy in Asia-Pacific/Anand V. 4. U.S. rebalances in Asia/Venkat Lokanathan. 5. India-US strategic convergences in South China Sea (SCS)/S.Y. Surendra Kumar. 6. U.S. and South Asia/Nanda Kishor. 7. U.S. rebalancing strategy in the Indo-Pacific Region/B. Mohanan Pillai. 8. India-U.S. Economic relations after global financial crisis/Shaijumon C.S. 9. India-Japanese strategic relationship/Anil Kumar P. 10. India-U.S. defence co-operation/Ninan Koshy. 11. Politics of climate change/Anu Unny. 12. Indian diaspora and India-U.S. relations and financial regulators/Sandhya S. Nair. 13. Some realities of the 21st century/Sanjal Shastri. Index.

The recent emergence of Asia as a formidable military and economic power constitutes the most significant development in the post-Cold War international politics. It incubates a new world order with apparent signals for a radical shift in international power equations. These developments in the Asia-Pacific and the growing camaraderie between India and the US have caught the attention of scholars across the world.

The aims and interests of the US, China, India and other regional/middle-level players, coupled with the strategic significance of South China Sea and East China Sea, makes the region a volatile one. The rise of China and its ambition to establish its hegemony in Asia directly challenges the primacy of the US. What role India will play in this ensuing power struggle is of strategic importance and interest. The so-called strategic convergence between India and US is the result of unprecedented rise of China and the schemes of the US to contain it.

This compendium contains 13 scholarly articles which survey various aspects of the emerging scenario in the Asia-Pacific. In the process, scholars draw valuable insights on the future trajectory of the bilateral and multilateral relations in Asia. This book includes contributions made by leading scholars who examine and analyse the meaning, dimensions and strategic significance of Asian rebalancing and its impact on India-US relations. (jacket)

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