Womens Education in Ancient and Muslim Period

Edited by S. Ram Sharma, Discovery, 1996, 171 p, ISBN : 8171413153, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. An introduction to women's education in India. 2. Women in ancient India. 3. Women's education during Buddhist period. 4. Muslim women's education at the elementary level. 5. Muslim women's education at the secondary and higher level. 6. Hindu women's education in medieval period. 7. Women's education. 8. British rule and women's education. 9. Socio-historical perspectives on women's education in India. 10. Education of women in the modern period.

"This volume indentifies a number of major issues such as changing status of women in various fields. It also attempts to outline the complexity which surrounds the socio-cultural factors, and attitudes affecting the status of women in society. It discusses the current global debate on women's issues and also deals with national perspective and change in perception about women's contribution to society, the needs and problems in the context of goals and priorities for social and national development.

The book combines empirical material with theoritical insight and discusses the real position of women in society and also shows the status and educational development of Indian women in the historical perspectives.

It is hoped that this volume will be of interest to social scientists, policy makers and scholars who are in search for a new paradigm of women and educational development." (jacket)

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