Academic Libraries and Budgetary Control

Edited by Sreenidhi Iyengar, Anmol, 1996, 342 p, ISBN : 8174882219, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. I. Academic libraries: 1. Introduction. 2. The technical services in the library program. 3. Acquisitions: functions and organisation. 4. Classification. 5. Catalog and cataloging: development and functions. 6. Basis of resource allocation: analysis of operations in large library system. 7. Type of materials and their sources: purchases. II. Budgetary control: 8. The need for fiscal management. 9. What is a budget? 10. Preliminary budget analysis. 11. Collection of information in support of budget request. 12. Budgetary and economic restraints and the setting of priorities. 13. Presentation and justification of a budget request. 14. Setting up the budget. 15. Monitoring the budget. 16. Closing out the budget. 17. The state university libraries: a case study.

"Academic Libraries and Budgetary Control consists of two sections viz. A. Academic libraries; B. Budgetary control in which the author very judiciously has selected very informative, valuable and useful articles from various renowned authentic works.

Academic libraries are the pivotal educational institutions and the present book elaborately deals with the various technical services in them which, in fact, make them useful educational nodal agencies.

Budgetary control precisely educate about budget, what it is, how information is collected on budgetary points, exercised, monitored and controlled. All articles in this section also present valuable hints of budgets and its related field." (jacket)

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