A Sanskrit Dictionary of Law and Statecraft

edited by Patrick Olivelle, Primus Books, 2015, xxiv, 448 p, ISBN : 9789384082642, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Sanskrit Dictionary of Law and Statecraft

This Dictionary contains technical terms used in Sanskrit texts of ancient and medieval India dealing with law and statecraft within Dharmasastra and Arthasastra. As editors, we have attempted to make the Dictionary as comprehensive as possible, even though, given the vast extent of the literature, this is an ideal to which we can only aspire. We have, however, gathered terms used in all the most significant texts of the two traditions.

The Dictionary is arranged according to the Sanskrit alphabet, with each entry given in both Devanagari and Roman scripts. Each entry is followed by one or several definitions and by a few representative passages where the term is used. These citations are not meant to be exhaustive but only illustrative. Sometimes we have given two or more meanings indicated by numerals. These divisions are simply for heuristic purposes and are not in any way intended as clear classifications. This is the first dictionary of its kind, and we hope it will spur further research into Dharmasastra, one of the most significant areas of ancient Indian cultural expressions.

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