A Colour Handbook: Landscape Gardening

Alka Singh, New India Publishing Agency, 2015, 158 p, ISBN : 9789383305889, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Colour Handbook: Landscape Gardening

Contents: 1. Landscape designing and gardening: significance and scope. 2. Basic garden styles and conventional gardens. 3. Garden types and designs: contemporary view. 4. Garden designing: principles. 5. Basic elements of landscape gardening: landform, plant material and water. 6. Components of landscape gardening.

This book deals with the basic aspects of landscape gardening including garden types and styles, principles, elements and garden components in detail and is well supported with illustrations and photographs for better clarity and easy understanding. It has been compiled especially for the students and it would also be useful to the landscape professionals, teachers as well as garden and nature lovers.

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