Acharya Mahapragya: A Journey to Wisdom

S.L. Gandhi, Harper Collins, 2015, Pbk, 272 p, ISBN : 9789351773955, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Acharya Mahapragya: A Journey to Wisdom

Acharya Mahapragya (1920-2010), often hailed as a ‘modern Vivekananda’, was one of the most celebrated Jain thinkers of the world and the tenth Acharya of the Jain Swetambar Terapanth sect.

Acharya Mahapragya: A Journey to Wisdom paints an authentic portrait of the icon and traces his growth from his childhood days to his ascetic life. It discusses at length the most important aspect of his legacy - the Ahimsa Yatra - he embarked upon in 2001 to spread the message of non-violence, traversing more than 100,000 km on foot and visiting more than 10,000 villages as also his thoughts on science and spirituality, the philosophy of anekanta and transcendental wisdom.

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