Basics of Economic Geography

Kanan Chatterjee, Concept Publishing Co, 2015, xviii, 230 p, ISBN : 9789351251750, $52.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Basics of Economic Geography

Contents: 1. Economic geography scope content and objectives. 2. Concept of resources and economies. 3. Primary economic activities. 4. Secondary economic activities. 5. Service activities. 6. Economic geography and multifold aspects. 

Economic activities are governed by few basic principles. This book elucidates the basic paradigm of economic geography. Basic issues in economic geography have hardly been studied in depth and an interdisciplinary approach towards the investigation of problems relating to the economic growth and development has not been attempted. Geographers are engaged in planning resources and their utilization and have shown their importance in national and international agencies that deal with the study, inventory and administration of natural and human resources. This book will evoke considerable interest amongst the reading public in other disciplines of commerce, economics, agriculture, service sector etc. It will definitely inspire other researchers to make comparable enquiries in future as well. The academic institutions, teachers and students of under-graduate and post-graduate level may find that it covers their course contents in one way or other. It is hoped that the publication will generate desired enthusiasm and thinking in this field.

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