A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Chitwan : Nepal

Suresh Shakya, Bhima Shakya , 2015, pbk, 216 p, 3 maps, including 13 orders, 51 families and sub-families and 284 col. species of birds, ISBN : 9789937002271, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Chitwan : Nepal

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Meaning of chitwan. 2. Geographical location. 3. Area and size. 4. Historical development and hunting practices. 5. Establishment of chitwan national park. 6. Climate. 7. Vegetation and important bird watching areas.
Section of Birds of Chitwan: 1. Order: galliformes: i. Family: Phasianidae-pheasants and allies. 2. Order: Anseriformes: Family: i. Dendrocygnidae-whistling ducks. ii. Anatidae-ducks and geese. 3. Order piciformes: Family:  i. Picidae-woodpeckers. ii. Megalaimidae-barbets. 4. Order: Bucerotiformes: Family: i. Bucerotidae hornbills. 5. Order: Upupiformes: Family: i. Upuidae-hoopoes. 6. Order coraciiformes: Family: i. Coraciiddae-rollers. ii. Alcedinidae-Kingfishers. iii. Halcyonidae-Kingfishers. iv. Cerylidae-crested Kingfisher. iv. Meropidae-bee-eaters. 7. Order cuculiformes: Family: i. Cuclidae-cuckoos. ii. Centropodidae-Coucal. 8. Order: Psittaciformes: Family : i Psittacidae-Parakeets. 9. Order strigiformes: Family: i. Tytonidae-barn owls. ii. Strigidae-owls. iii. Caprimulgidae-nightjars. 10. Order: Columbiformes: i. Columbidae-Pigeons and doves. 11. Order gruiformes: Family : i. Gruidae-cranes. ii. Rallidae-Rails and crakes. 12. Order : Ciconiiformes: Family  i. Scolopacidae-Sandpipers and allies. ii. Rostratulidae-Painted snipe. iii. Jacanidae-Jacanas. iv. Burhinidae-Thickknees. v. Charadriidae-Plovers and allies. vi. Glareolidae-Pratincoles. vii. Laridae-gulls and terns. viii. Accipitridae-Hawks and allies. ix. Falconidae-Falcons. x. Podicipedidae-Grebes. xi. Abhingidae darters. xii. Phalacrocoracidae-cormorants. xiii. Ardeidae-Herons and allies. xiv. Threskiornithidae-Ibis and allies. xv. Ciconiidae-storks. 13. Order: Passeriformes: Family: i. Laniidae-Shrikes. ii. Corvidae-crows, drongos, orioles and allies. iii. Muscicapidae-Thrushes, flycatchers and chats. iv. Sturnidae-starlings and mynahs. v. Sittidae-nuthatches. vi. Paridae-tits. vii. Hirundinidae swallows and martins. viii. Pycnonotidae-Bulbuls. ix. Cisticolidae-Cisticolas and prinias. x. Zosteropidae-White-eyes. xi. Sylviidae-Warblers and babblers. xii. Alaudidae-larks. xiii. Nectariniidae-Sunbirds and flowerpeckers. xiv. Passeridae-Sparrows, pipits, accentors. munias and weavers. xv. Fringillidae-Finches and buntings. Glossary. Select references. Checklist of birds of Chitwan national park. Index on scientific names. Index of common names.

Nepal is very small country but it has more than 865 species of birds. This book is an excellent photographic guide to the birds of Chitwan and other national parks, wildlife reserves and conservation areas of low land Nepal.

This book is useful for novice, amateurs, specialists and interested bird watchers from all over the world.

The text is simple and easy to read. It covers general identification, habitat, calls, behavior, food, status and distribution.

The book has tried to include maximum variety names in English and Latin. It also includes bird’s name in Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese and local vernacular.

It has 13 orders, 51 families and subfamilies and 284 species of birds including 16 globally threatened species. It covers more than half of the birds of Chitwan. This is a very good companion for every visitor and general readers. It is highly recommended to have it for the insight into birds of Nepal.


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