A Textbook of Economic Zoology

Aminul Islam , I.K. International, 2016, pbk , 420 p, ISBN : 9789384588809, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Textbook of Economic Zoology

Contents: 1. Fishery. 2. Sericulture. 3. Lac Culture. 4. Apiculture. 5. Poultry. 6. Cattles. 7. Pests. 8. Medical Zoology. 9. Arthropod Vector Biology. Bibliography. Index.

The book covers the undergraduate and postgraduate syllabi of all the major universities for the economic zoology course. Each chapter presents the discussion of the topics in a scientific way, accompanied with relevant diagrams and pictures. Each chapter is followed by a set of short, descriptive and multiple-choice questions which closely follow the trends of questions asked in degree examinations as well as competitive examinations. It also contains a set of key points that would help the students to retain the learning. Recent data and research in the respective fields of economic zoology on the one hand will satisfy the students and on the other hand will prove a handbook for the research scholars. Keeping in mind the multidisciplinary nature of economic zoology, the biology of some of the common disease-causing organisms and bionomics of the arthropod vectors which are intimately associated with the diseases have been incorporated along with the main topics like sericulture, lac culture, apiculture, poultry, fisheries, dairy science, and so on. (jacket)




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