Christian Music: Contemporary and Traditional, for a Meaningful Worship of the Kukis

Paolen Haokip, Christian World Imprints, 2016, xx, 111 p, ISBN : 9789351481058, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Christian Music: Contemporary and Traditional, for a Meaningful Worship of the Kukis

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. History of music. 3. Music in Kuki society. 4. Analysis of the study: impact of contemporary on Christian worship. Conclusion. Appendices. 

Music has accompanied the worship of God ever since there has been corporate worship. The book makes an attempt to merge two loggerheads, i.e., contemporary music and traditional music, for a meaningful worship in the church. The purpose of the research is to find: What type of music and musical instruments are appropriate for church music and spiritual growth? How and in what ways both traditional and contemporary music can be merged; be effectively used for spiritual attainment and radical transformation; and be a supportive hand to the submerged life?

The book details on the historical development of `Houbung la', `Tonic sol-fa' and `Lathah bu' which are valuable resources for those who would like to study music of the Kukis. The author with the backing of Questionnaires (attached as appendices) has also given a few suggestions for the improvement of music and asserts the usefulness of new musical forms, so as to amplify God's glory.

In addition, a brief synopsis of the working of Kuki Worship Service Delhi (KWSD) has been provided in the attached appendices. The musical journey covered in the present work is logical and carefully written so as to allow everyone to grip its message. It's a must for every Christian who really wants to know the best way of performing a meaningful worship and is really concerned about pleasing God.

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