Foreign Policy of Bhutan

Kapileshwar Labh , Kalpaz Publications, 2016 , 208 p, ISBN : 9789351281733, $35.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Foreign Policy of Bhutan

Contents: Preface . 1. Bhutan: An Introduction . 2. Foreign Policy: Conceptual Framework . 3. Bhutan’s Isolationist Policy: Response to Foreign Aggressions . 4. Foreign Policy of Small States: A Framework of Analysis . 5. Major Determinants of Bhutan’s Foreign Policy in the Post-Second World War Period: External Environment and Domestic Milieu . 6. Bhutan’s Regional Policy: Policy towards India, Nepal, Bangladesh, SAARC and BIMSTEC . 7. Bhutan’s Global Policy . 8. Bhutan’s Foreign Economic Policy . 9. Bhutan, China and India . 10. Role of Political Institutions in Bhutan’s Foreign Policy Decision-Making Process . 11. Retrospect and Prospect . Appendices . Bibliography . Index .

This book is the first systematic study of the foreign policy of Bhutan, based largely on the Bhutanese source material. It comprises a brief study of the conceptual framework of foreign policy. It includes the study of the impact of diverse factors on Bhutan's foreign policy. Moreover, it comprises not only the study of changes and continuity in Bhutan's regional policy but also the study ofBhutan's global policy. Besides it includes the study of Bhutan's foreign economic policy and the role of Bhutan's political institutions in its foreign policy decision making process. (jacket)



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