A Complete Guide to Hoysala Temples

Gerard Foekema, Abhinav, 1996, 102 p, 48 plates, ISBN : 8170173450, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. I. General: 1. Who were the Hoysala? 2. A short history of the Hoysala kingdom. 3. The dedications and names of the temples. 4. The plan of the temples. 5. Sculpture. 6. Recognizing the most important deities. II. The temples: 1. Amritapura. 2. Aralaguppe. 3. Arsikere. 4. Basaralu. 5. Belur. 6. Belvadi. 7. Dodda Gadduvalli. 8. Halebid. 9. Haranhalli. 10. Hosaholalu. 11. Javagallu. 12. Koravangala. 13. Mosale. 14. Nuggihalli. 15. Somanathapur. Literature. Glossary. Maps. Index.

From the preface by Gerard Foekema: "For me, enjoying Later Calukya and Hoysala temples is one of the great pleasures of life. I love these temples because their plans are so logical and natural, because their architecture is so ingenious, and because their execution is so rich. After completing a full scale work on the architecture of Hoysala temples in 1993, it is a pleasure to now present a smaller book for the use of tourists.

"More than a hundred of Hoysala temples survive today, and I think more than 10 of them to be of interest to the average tourist. The most important message I have to convey is that the large temples in Belur and Halebid give a marvellous impression of Hoysala sculpture, but only a poor impression of Hoysala architecture, because they are seriously incomplete. Visiting a few other villages in the neighbourhood of Belur and Halebid is very rewarding, because there smaller but complete temples can be found. Several of these small and modest temples perfectly show the logic and beauty of Hoysala architecture, as is among the well known temples only done by the famous complete temple found in Somanathapur."

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