A Pictorial Handbook on Some Lizards and Snakes of Western Ghats

T.S.N. Murthy, Zoological Survey of India, 2016, Pbk, vi, 130 p, maps, col plates, ISBN : 9788181714305, $65.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Pictorial Handbook on Some Lizards and Snakes of Western Ghats

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Physiography. 3. Lizards and snakes of the Western Ghats: an overview. 4. Descriptions of species. 5. References. Glossary. Vernacular names. Index.

From the preface: Reptiles, particularly lizards and snakes, are an overly conspicuous component of the faunistically rich Western Ghats, which have attracted the attention of naturalists for long. Although several publications which reflect the great strides made in the study of these animals are available, the need of the hour is a compact handbook that showcases the most characteristic, rare and unique representatives found in the globally acclaimed hot spot of biodiversity.

This book, which describes and illustrates 40 species of lizards and 54 species of snakes, is written in an easy – to – read format and is aimed at the herpetological workers, wildlife biologists, forest personnel and eco-friendly tourist, who are most likely to encounter these reptiles frequently.

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