Alluring Kashmir: The Inner Spirit

Irfan Nabi and Nilosree Biswas, Niyogi Books, 2016, 348 p, ISBN : 9789385285387, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Alluring Kashmir: The Inner Spirit

Kashmir is a distinct region yet to be explored fully. The authors ‘tell’ human stories against an awe-inspiring, natural backdrop. Their compelling and magical pictorial journey with the reader through the Valley - celebrating the ethereal beauty and the cultural diversity of this land as well as marking the shades of change and transition - has been painted with the lesser known colours, layers and textures which lie beyond the known dimensions of Kashmir.

Breathtaking photographs in varying shades and angles supported by well-researched, relevant text in this unique travel book are the tools to communicate to the reader a classical Kashmir-with its inherent rich culture and exotic landscapes set against unfamiliar facts, fables and space and the intimate aspects of daily life and its treasured moments. The reader becomes a part of a thriving society waiting to match steps with the rest of the world despite huge challenges.

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