Library and Information Science : Parameters and Perspectives : Essays in Honour of P.B. Mangla (2 Vols - set)

Edited by R.G. Prasher, Concept, 1997, xxx, 1013 p, 2 Vols, tables, ISBN : 8170226368, $79.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Vol. I. Library and Information Science: Basic: General editor's introduction/S.P. Agrawal. International felicitation committee introduction/R.G. Prasher. I. P.B. Mangla: 1. Professor Pramod Bhushan Mangla/R.G. Prasher. 2. Professor P.B. Mangla--an anecdote from the 1970's/Dennis Gunton. 3. Prof. P.B. Mangla as I have known him/M.K. Jain. II. LIS--Principles and Norms: 4. Our troubled search for principles/Guy A. Marco. 5. Libraesthetics/A.R. Sethi. 6. Development administration in the Netherlands/James Warner Bjorkman. III. LIS Education--International Perspectives: 7. The new information professional/Irene Wormell. 8. Education for information : some international perspectives on the twenty-first century/Suman Datta and Kevin Mc Garry. 9. Places for education -- an exploration of the political influences acting upon the schools of information and library science/Patricia Layzell Ward.

10. Recent trends in cooperation between schools and librarianship and information studies/Ian M. Johnson. IV. LIS Education--Developing Countries: 11. Library science education in developing countries--constraints and challenges/N. Guruswamy Naidu. 12. Library and information studies in India/S.P. Agrawal. 13. LIS education in Orissa/K.C. Sahoo. 14. LIS education in Madhya Pradesh/R.G. Prasher. 15. Growth and development of library education in Sri Lanka/Jayasiri Lankage. 16. Library education in Bangladesh/Nasiruddin Ahmed. 17. Preparing the libraries and librarians of Bangladesh for the 21st century : the case of library education/M. Shamsul Islam Khan. 18. Library education for libraries without walls/Andrew Large. 19. Education for librarianship : some pertinent issues/M.B. Konnur.

V. Restructuring of LIS Courses: 20. Effects of library curriculum and librarianship in utilizing information technology in India : a survey/Bhagwan Das. 21. Restructuring of MLISc course : issues and implications/Jagtar Singh. 22. Master of information studies : an exercise in curriculum design/S. Seetharama. 23. Survey of use of information technology by library and information professionals and its implications in library science education/A.K. Srivastava.

VI. Accreditation of LIS Schools: 24. Accreditation of LIS Schools in India and US: a proposal for collaboration/G.C. Bansal. 25. Accreditation of library and information science programmes in India/Jagtar Singh. VII. Continuing LIS Education: 26. Entrepreneurial management for information professionals : a timely theme for continuing professional education/H.P.S. Kalra. 27. Continuing education of library and information science professionals/S.S. Agrawal. VIII. LIS Research: 28. LIS research in India: a historical perspective/M.P. Satija. 29. Contemporary issues and future requirements for research in library and information science/Inder Vir Malhan.

IX. Collection Development: 30. Library culture wars in America : reflections on ideological battle in the selection of materials/Donald G. Davis, Jr. 31. Collection development in college libraries of Karnataka : looking back and looking ahead/B.S. Maheswarappa. X. Classification: 32. Classification : some fundamentals, some myths, some realities/M.P. Satija. XI. Cataloguing: 33. Cataloguing of special materials : new media of communication/Mohd. Sabir Husain. 34. Common communication format (CCF) : an attempt to bridge the wide Gulf between major international bibliographic exchange formats/B.K. Choudhury. XII. Libraries: 35. Libraries of south east Asia : some observations/Karuna H. Purohit. 36. Library as support service in distance education : a view point/Dinesh Kumar Gupta.

37. Organizational and managerial strategies in library environment/J.N. Gautam and Anand P. Singh. XIII. Public Libraries: 38. Technology, democracy and public libraries/K. Sarada. 39. Status of library legislation in India/K.C. Sahoo. XIV. Academic Libraries: 40. The advancing college and university libraries in China/Zhou Wenjun. 41. University libraries in north India : present scenario/Sewa Singh. 42. Need for pragmatic research on operational management and academic libraries/R.K. Raut. 43. University libraries and their management/Beverly P. Lynch. 44. Manpower development for changing university libraries/J. Andrew Large. 45. Economics of University libraries/S. Majumdar. XV. Personnel Management: 46. Elite step/S. Venugopal.

XVI. Resource Sharing and Networking: 47. Comparative librarianship : a researchable agenda/Robert D. Stueart. 48. University libraries in Pakistan : a proposal for sharing of their resources and services/Anis Khurshid. 49. Information and library network (INFLIBNET) : a perspective view/C.R. Karisiddappa and V.S. Cholin. 50. Need for agricultural information networks for Andhra Pradesh/K. Veeranjaneyulu. XVII. Use of Libraries : Information Gathering Habits: 51. Reading interest and use habit of school-going children : a case study of two English Medium Schools of Rourkela/Chittaranjan Panigrahi and K.C. Panda. 52. Use of library catalogue of Punjab University Library/Trishan Jit Kaur.

53. Educating users about library catalogues/T.A.V. Murthy and O.N. Chaubey. 54. User education through marketing of information products and services/P.C. Shah. XVIII. Information Seeking Behaviour: 55. Information seeking behaviour and reading habits of creative writers : a case study of an Indian state/K.C. Panda and Dillip K. Swain. 56. Information seeking methods of awarded farmers of Jalgaon district of Maharashtra state/T.R. Borse. Curriculum-vitae of Prof. Pramod Bhushan Mangla. Index.

Vol. II. Information Science, Information Technology and its Application: I. Documentation and Information Science: 1. Information and communication distortion/P. Rathnaswamy. 2. Current awareness services/A.K. Baradol. 3. Index : a tool in the use of literature/Devinder Kaur. 4. Control of recall and precision in alphabetical information retrieval languages : recall controlling devices/M. Mahapatra. 5. Thesaurus : definition, need and purpose/S.P. Narang. II. Application of IT in Library Work and Services: 6. Recent trends in library automation/Abdul Rashid. 7. Essential features in a computer-based information retrieval system/S.K. Sharma and Roshan Raina. 8. Automated libraries and information networks : their role in futhering access to the world of information/Jagtar Singh and H.P.S. Kalra. 9. Managing modernisation of library services using IT : potentials and problems/M.S. Sridhar.

10. Artificial intelligence (AI) and expert system (ES) tools for development/Shawky Salem. 11. Multimedia information and systems in libraries/Prem Singh and D.S. Dabas. 12. The rise of multimedia technology : its impact on library and information centres/D.B. Ramesh, M.K. Seth and J.R. Sahu. 13. Electronic journals on library and information science available via the internet/Jack Meadows. 14. Providing access to internet resources : the librarian's way/Sreenivasa Ravi. 15. Techlibplus : leading libraries into the future/R.K. Goyal. 16. Trends in information retrieval research/G.G. Chowdhury. 17. Attitude towards information technology : a review of literature/Sanjaya Mishra.

III. Information Services: 18. United Nations information system : an overview of information resources/R.K. Sharma. 19. Information services in China/Yao Weifan. 20. Agricultural information system and services in India/Stanley Madan Kumar S. 21. Desidoc as a promoter of IT for library and information services in India/S.K. Taneja and S.S. Murthy. 22. Marketing of industrial information by public enterprises in Orissa/Baman Parida. 23. Does online searching cost more than manual?/H.R. Chopra. 24. Breaking the language barriers : machine translation comes of age/Archana Kakodkar. IV. Bibliometric Studies: 25. Bibliometrics : its origin, laws and applications/Arjun Lal.

26. Citation analysis of Doctoral Dissertations in LIS accepted by the universities of Orissa and Manipur till 1993 : a comparative study/R.N. Mishra and K.C. Panda. 27. Indian literature on acquisition : a bibliometrical study/J.K. Mishra. 28. Library science with slant to documentation and information studies : a bibliometric study/R.G. Prasher. 29. Research in LIS at master's level : an analytical study/B. Ramesh Babu. 30. A bibliometric study of Ph. D. theses of botany/A.K. Verma. 31. Distribution of productivity among authors in potato research, 1990-1980/B.M. Gupta, Suresh Kumar, Shaheen Syed and Karanvir Singh. 32. Analysis of external earnings, budget, manpower and research publications of RRL, Bhubaneshwar: a scientometric study/J.R. Sahu, D.B. Ramesh and H.S. Ray. Curriculum-vitae of Prof. Pramod Bhushan Mangla. Index.

"Paperless Society is a distant dream. The world will continue with the present day libraries having large and ever-growing collections. The traditional method of learning has been through the printed documents. Even today it is so, particularly for the developing countries like India. Library will not only survive but will also continue to live vigorously, technological advances notwithstanding. But the LIS scene is changing fast in the face of new challenges and in response to new demands. The advent of new technologies and their application to LIS work and services is further accelerating the pace of this change.

"Peers in the field of library profession and library education have come together and joined hands to present the current status of library & information science as also to tell about the trends in its future developments. Eighty-eight papers, covering important facets of Library & Information Science are presented in two volumes, Vol. I--LIS: basic and Vol. II--information science, IT and its application. Almost all the important facets of LIS have been dealt with by the leading lights in profession from India and abroad in these essays. And all this is in honour of Prof. P.B. Mangla of Delhi University.

"It is hoped that the contents of both the volumes would be useful for all those who are interested in the areas of LIS, IT, and application of IT in library work and services". (jacket)

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