World Directory of Environmental Organisation

S. Vandana, A.P.H., 1997, 606 p, ISBN : 8170248566, $63.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. Environmental business issues of the world. 2. National register of environmental consultancy organisations. 3. Leading environmental consultancy organisations in India. 4. Important public sector organisations in India. 5. Leading private sector organisations in India. 6. Leading environmental engineering professionals. 7. Environmental journals published from India. 8. Environmental activists. 9. Leading environmental consultants in USA. 10. Environmental journals of USA. 11. Leading pollutions control equipment manufacturers from United Kingdom. 12. International environmental organisations. 13. Central and state pollution control boards in India. 14. Standards for cleaner and greener environment. 15. Pollution control equipment manufacturers. 16. List of non-governmental and development organisations in OECD member countries. 17. List of environmental non governmental organisations in the Asia Picific region. 18. General list of pollution control equipment manufacturers. 19. Testing laboratories. 20. List of universities in India. 21. Voluntary and non governmental organisations in India. 22. Universities and other bodies offering environmental programmes in USA. 23. International register of environmental Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs). 24. Checklist of environmental management system.

"If human society is to endure, not for just another century but for thousands and thousands of years, we need to learn a way of life that can be sustained. Human society must learn to control population size and develop more efficient technologies that produce as little harmful waste as possible. We must learn to rely on resources that are renewable. A society based on these ideas is called a sustainable society. The past one decade has been an unprecedented accumulation of knowledge concerning environment. Unfortunately, the very mass of information explosion has created problems for those concerned with dissemination of information. Industrialists, consultants, scientists, professors and social activists have to garner information form various journals and other sources quite remote from their own fields. This is very time consuming job and is likely to be avoided by everyone.

"It is against such a background that World Directory of Ecology and Environment has been published to meet the demands of an audience having many different specializations. The directory contains the list of able consultancy organizations in the field of environment, manufacturers of equipments dealing with pollution control, air, water, noise, solid wastes, horticulture, ethnobotany and management of environmental education. The list of foreign as well as Indian journals on environment and related subjects, universities offering courses in India and other countries has been separately incorporated. Other feature of the directory is that the names of activists and environmentalists have been alphabetically arranged.

"Industrialists willing to have advice on consultancy needs in the areas on pollution monitoring and control, environmental impact assessment and related fields, consultants wanting to have networking support and voluntary organizations as well as teaching and research institutions are welcome for having necessary advice from time for making our country cleaner as well as greener." (jacket)

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