India's Bilateral Relations and Foreign Policy

edited by Josukutty C.A.and J. Prabhash , New Century Publications, 2018, 212 p, ISBN : 9788177084481, $46.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

India's Bilateral Relations and Foreign Policy

Contents: 1. India-Sri Lanka Relations Since 2009/Nayani Melegoda. 2. Nepal-India strategic relations in the 21st century/Khadga K.C. 3. India’s strategy towards Bangladesh: new dimensions in the 21st century/Pradipta Mukherjee. 4. India and the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries: challenges ahead/A.K. Pasha. 5. India’s Policy in Latin America/Binay Prasad. 6. India and European Union in the 21st century/Mathew Sinu Simon. 7. India-Russia relations in the emerging world order/K.B. Usha. 8. Global debate on climate change and India/Pushpinder Kaur. 9. Dynamics of terrorism in India/Shivani Sharma. 10. Cyber security in India/Chandrakant Chellany. Index.

Bilateral and regional arrangements have gradually become permanent features of the global foreign policy architecture. India is keen to play a more pronounced role in and with regional and international organizations. Revamping of the foreign policy making establishments is a must to manage regional and international relationships.

India confronts grave security threats emanating from its territorial and maritime borders that range from nuclear attacks to terror strikes. Cyber security threats are a reality today. Are India’s defence, nuclear, maritime, terrorism and cyber policies strategic enough to deal with these challenges? Preparations for and views on resorting to the use of force to meet these challenges are of utmost importance.

This book consists of 10 scholarly papers authored by scholars from India and abroad. These papers examine and survey various aspects of India’s bilateral and multilateral relations with neighbours, important regions, regional organizations, and big powers. India’s response and position on selected global issues are also set forth. The scholars provide valuable insights into the understanding and conduct of India’s bilateral relations in the context of its foreign policy formulation. 

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