Facets of Indian Civilization : Recent Perspectives (Essays in Honour of Prof. B.B. Lal (3 Volumes-

Jagat Pati Joshi (Che.ed), Aryan, 1997, xlix, 964 p, 3 volumes, plates, ISBN : 8173050872, $185.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Vol. I: I. Prehistory and Rock Art: 1. Excavating in a cave/A.K. Sharma. 2. Functional interpretation of microlithic points/Gayatri Chaturvedi. 3. Couple and multiple couple burials of the mesolithic in the Ganga valley/Radha Kant Varma. 4. An archaeological evidence for tribal tradition in central India: a case study of microliths/Vidula Jayaswal. 5. More painted rock shelters from Madhya Pradesh/C.B. Trivedi. 6. A methodological approach to documentation of rock art of central India/Madhuri Sharma & D.P. Sharma. 7. Prehistoricity of rock-art of central India : a retrospect/S.S. Gupta. II. Protohistory: 8. Archaeology of South Asia : a perspective in interrelationship/B.K. Thapar. 9. A short note on Chirand excavations/B.S. Verma. 10. The date of the Surkotada Cemetery : a reassessment in light of recent archaeological work in Gujarat/Gregory L. Possehl. 11. Kunal--the earliest pre-Harappan settlement/J.S. Khatri & M. Acharya. 12. An inscribed Indus seal from Bahrain/K.M. Srivastava. 13. Some unique antiquities and pottery from Kalibangan/Madhu Bala. 14. Dholavira excavations : 1990-94/R.S. Bisht. 15. The extension of the Harappan culture in the Deccan/S.A. Sali. 16. The origins of the Indus-Saraswati civilization/S.P. Gupta. 17. The formative elements in the Harappan culture : current hypothesis and evidence/Malati J. Shendge. 18. Views of the Harappans--the transitional years/Walter A. Fairservis, Jr. 19. Decline! degeneration! or cultural transformation? A historiographical enquiry into the process of Harappan decay/Vijay Kumar Thakur. 20. Harappan ecology in the Rgveda/Bhagwan Singh. 21. The Luni as Vedic Saraswati/Bharat Jhunjhunwala. 22. Original home of the Aryans/Vidyanand Saraswati. 23. Reading the mind of the Harappans/K.K. Raman. 24. Copper hoard from Temani, Madhya Pradesh/Chandrashekhar Gupta. 25. Haswa--a new copper hoard site in the lower Ganga-Yamuna Doab/Krishna Kumar. 26. Gungeria copper hoard/Parmeshwari Lal Gupta. 27. Copper anthropomorphic figures of Bankot in Kumaon (U.P.)--analysis and conservation/S.K. Dubey and Manju Pant. 28. Copper in Indian chalcolithic with special reference to Bihar/B.P. Sinha. 29. Bronze tools and technology in proto-historic Afghanistan : a review/V.C. Srivastava. 30. Further evidence from the mid-first millennium B.C. in Swat/G. Stacul. 31. The painted grey ware culture : a fresh appraisal/J.S. Nigam. 32. Black-and-red ware in Rajasthan : an appraisal/Baldev Singh Negi.

Vol. II. III. Historical Archaeology: 33. The Chalukyas of central India/Ahmed Ali. 34. Recalled from Oblivion/B.K. Sinha. 35. New light on Erich, district Jhansi (U.P.)/H.N. Singh. 36. Artificial water systems in ancient and medieval India/I.K. Sarma. 37. Contribution of Kalinga to Indian culture/K.D. Bajpai. 38. The date of the Bhattotpala--a re-examination/Lallanji Gopal. 39. The rise of urbanism in the upper Ganga-Yamuna Doab/R.C. Gaur. 40. Stupas and monasteries : a recent discovery from Satdhara, Madhya Pradesh/R.C. Agarwal. 41. Excavations at Sanghol, district Ludhiana, Punjab : 1985-90--a note on the settlement pattern and cultural sequence/C. Margabandhu. IV. Art & Architecture: 42. Phoo Gompa--a winter seat of Lamas of Tabo monastery/A. Jha & C. Dorjes. 43. Bannikoppa : the hiding place of the Pandavas' astras and its sculptures/A. Sundara. 44. Later Gupta temple and rock-cut caves at Ramgarh, district Vidisha (M.P.)/B.L. Nagarch. 45. The Jaina art of Bihar (up to pre-Pala period)/Binoy Kumar Sahay. 46. Art of Siva and Parvati icons in north-Bihar/Birendra Kumar Sinha. 47. The Panchatantra sculptures in the Tripurantakesvara temple at Balligave, Karnataka/Channabassapa S. Patil. 48. A rare image of Dharanendra/Devendra Handa. 49. Concepts behind the origin of the Dharmachakra Stupa at Sanghol/G.S. Gaur. 50. Anga-sikhara in the decorative scheme of Orissa Rekha Deul/Gyanendra Nath Srivastava. 51. Khar palace at Leh, Ladakh/H.L. Raina. 52. Dhyani Buddhas on the Stele of Budha/Jitendra Nath. 53. The Pearl Mosque in Delhi/Jose Pereira. 54. A Harihara sculpture from Khajuraho/K.M. Suresh. 55. An interesting inscribed Makara Torana/K.P. Poonacha, M.V. Visweswara and T.M. Kesava. 56. Social setting of the medieval temples/Krishna Deva. 57. Brahmanical deities in Jaina pantheon and religious art: their mutuality/Maruti Nandan Prasad Tiwari. 58. Siva temple, Panaheda, Rajasthan/P.K. Trivedi. 59. Religious syncretism in the Pala-Sena art/Pranabananda Jash. 60. Some observations on the images of Kubera/Prithvi Kumar Agrawala. 61. Notes on two ornamental motifs/R. Morton Smith. 62. Fresh light on Tanjore temple/R. Nagaswamy. 63. Twin Varahi panel in Indian Art Museum at Berlin/R.C. Agrawala. 64. Iconographic gleanings of Govindadeva temple/R.C. Sharma. 65. Zanskar : the hidden treasure/R.S. Fonia. 66. Development of early terrocotta art in the mid-Ganga plain--a case study/S.C. Saran. 67. A Gandharan relief in the National Museum collection/Shashi Asthana. 68. Vaishnava images in Khairagarh Museum--a critical study/Shiva Kant Dwivedi. 69. Some reflections on art history and art criticism/Susmita Pandey. 70. Manasa in literature and art/Umesh Chandra Dwivedi. 71. A rare Lajja Gauri Plaque from Tarsang (Gujarat)/V.H. Sonawane. 72. Mother-Goddess of Curdi-Goa and some parallels/V.R. Mitragotri. 73. Khass-Mahall--a building or builder/Z.A. Desai. V. Beyond Indian Frontiers: 74. Sea voyages of Buddhist monks/Aniruddh Singh Gaur. 75. Close religio-cultural bond between Bodh-Gaya and Sri Lanka/Debala Mitra. 76. Early contacts between India and Indonesia/Kalyan Kumar Sarkar. 77. Nrtta-Ganapati in India and beyond its frontiers/Sudha Malaiya. 78. Contribution of Indian Buddhist monks to Chinese painting/Upendra Thakur. 79. Indian archaeological expeditions abroad/Jagat Pati Joshi.

Vol. III. VI. Epigraphy & Numismatics: 80. Naresar inscriptions/A.K. Singh. 81. Sambhal-Amroha copperplate inscription of Nagabhata II of the year 885 (828 A.D.)/B.R. Mani. 82. New fragment of the Panchavimsatisahasrikaprajnaramitasutra from Aurel Stein collection/G.M. Bongard-Levin. 83. A Pandya record from Kargudi/M.D. Sampath. 84. Orogadam inscription of Rajendra Chola I/S. Swaminathan. 85. Yaudheya coins : contemporary counterfeits/Ajay Mitra Shastri. 86. Numismatics and historical reconstruction : some Random thoughts/Arun Kesarwani. 87. The chronology of the silver punch-marked coins : a reconsideration/Nisar Ahmed. VII. Heritage Conservation: 88. Problems of conservation of excavated remains in India/B.M. Pande. 89. Conservation and preservation of monuments and artefacts--past and present/B.N. Tandon. 90. Conservation of Ardhanarisvara temple, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh/C. Dorje. 91. Stopping water leakage from the Dome of the Taj/Jagat Pati Joshi & S.S. Biswas. 92. Uses of epoxy resin for conservation of cultural heritage in central India/N.L. Batra. 93. Preserving the Portugese churches at Goa/R. Sengupta. VIII. Religion and Philosophy: 94. On Samgha's schism and Dhamma's origin/Abhay Kumar Singh. 95. The notion of tree worship in pre-Vedic India/Bansi Lal Malla. 96. Madhyama Vani and inner speech/Hem Chandra Pande. 97. Socio-cultural integration in the cult of Jagannatha/K.P. Padhy. 98. Role of the Lotus Sutra in the twenty-first century/Lokesh Chandra. 99. Impact of Brahmanism on the philosophical foundation of Vijnanavada/O.P. Jaiswal. 100. Succession problem in the Valmikiya Ramayana/S.R. Goyal.

IX. Museology: 101. Visual aids in museum display/D.K. Sinha. 102. The Central Armed Forces Museum, Luanda, Angola/Monira Khatun. X. Underwater Archaeology: 103. Submarine archaeology in search of unknown past of Lakshadweep Islands/Alok Tripathi. 104. Some aspects of navigation in ancient India/Sumita Chakravarty. XI. Ethno-Archaeology, Archaeo-Botany & Archaeo-Zoology: 105. Study of animal bones and bone tools from excavations: an ethno-archaeological approach/Bhupendra Pal Singh. 106. Social studies in western India during the nineteenth century/H.A. Phadke. 107. The Nagas of Madhya Pradesh/Vijaya K. Sinha. 108. Faunal remains from Mathura/A.K. Sharma. 109. Evaluating subsistence and ecological strategies from palaeo-ethnobotanical data of Kashmir/Farooq A. Lone, Maqsood Khan and G.M. Buth. 110. Botanical evidence of fire-sacrificial ritual in Kushana period at ancient Sanghol, Punjab (ca. 100-300 A.D.)/K.S. Saraswat & Anil K.S. Pokharia.

XII. Allied Aspects: 111. Gold micro bead making/Ashwani Asthana. 112. Immunuel Velikovsky/C.S. Mahadevan. 113. Archaeology and computer/C.S. Vasudevan. 114. Retrieval of Indian antiquities smuggled abroad/D.K. Sinha. 115. A philosophy of archaeology/D.P. Agrawal. 116. Parentage and nativity of Dhruvadevi--Chief Queen of Chandragupta-II/Kiran Kumar Thaplyal. 117. Hydrolic technology at Fatehpur Sikri: a reappraisal/M.S. Mate. 118. Barefooted archaeologists of India/N.C. Ghosh. 119. Oral traditions and archaeology/R.N. Mehta. 120. Cultural succession in the Gwalior region, central India/R.P. Pandey. 121. Dancing girls in the Chauhan temples of Nadol/Ram Vallabh Somani. 122. Identification of early settlers of Kashmir and their cultural impact/S.L. Shali. 123. Rise of medievalism in Indian history/Shankar Goyal. 124. Trade routes and communication pattern of ancient Orissa/Sila Tripathi and Sunil Kumar Patnaik. 125. Household system--the strategem for existence in the high Himalayan environment/Tobdan.

"Facets of Indian Civilization is a stimulative and perceptive survey of different aspects of Indian art, archaeology, history and culture. The book provides unparalleled source of insight into Indian civilization through the ages, containing a detailed account of archaeological and artistic data and incorporating the latest researches on the subject.

"The book constitutes the literary tributes from the admirers, colleagues and pupils of Prof. B.B. Lal, one of the foremost archaeologists of India. Divided into three volumes and eleven sections, the book contains a wide range of articles an prehistory, protohistory, historical archaeology, art & architecture, epigraphy & numismatics, religion & philosophy etc. These articles, which reflect the various aspects of Indian civilization, are a befitting tribute to Prof. Lal whose contribution to the cause of discovering and preserving India's past is second to none.

"Perceptive, insightful and selective, the book is an indispensable reference tool. The unusual variety of the subjects and the notable richness of illustrations combine to make this a work of endless fascination. The book will prove to be an invaluable asset not only to the academicians, art-historians, archaeologists, orientalists, researchers and libraries but also to the lay readers." (jacket)

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