A Source Book of Indian Archaeology : Vol. II: Settlements, Technology and Trade

Edited by F.R. Allchin and Dilip K. Chakrabarti, Munshiram Manoharlal, 1997, 708 p, maps, figures, ISBN : 9788121504652, $65.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Source Book of Indian Archaeology : Vol. II: Settlements, Technology and Trade/edited by F.R. Allchin

Contents: Preface. I. Settlements: Introduction. 1. Memoir of a map of Hindoostan/James Rennell. 2. Memoir of a map of Hindoostan/James Rennell. 3. The tenth anniversary discourse, delivered 28 February 1793 on Asiatic history, civil and natural/William Jones. 4. Inquiry concerning the site of ancient Palibothra/William Francklin. 5. Sravasti\A. Cunningham. 6. Kausambi and Sravasti/Vincent A. Smith. 7. The Acheulian succession at Bhimbetka, Central India/V.N. Misra. 8. The Acheulian culture of the Hunsgi Valley, South India: settlement and subsistence patterns/K. Paddayya. 9. Acheulian surface sites in Central India/Jerome Jacobson. 10. Hunter-gatherer ecosystems and archaeological patterns of subsistence behaviour on the south-east coast of India: an ethnographic model/M.L.K. Murty. 11. Early farming communities in India/B.K. Thapar. 12. Excavations at Mehrgarh, Baluchistan: their significance in the prehistorical context of the Indo-Pakistani borderlands/Jean-Francois Jarrige and Monique Lechevallier. 13. Evolving sequence, changes and adaptation/G.R. Sharma. 14. The lifeways and settlement pattern at Inamgaon a chalcolithic site, district Poona, Maharashtra/H.D. Sankalia. 15. Inamgaon: the pattern of settlement/M.K. Dhavalikar. 16. Chalcolithic cultures: a socio-economic perspective/M.K. Dhavalikar. 17. Summary of four seasons of explorations in Kanpur district, Uttar Pradesh/Makkhan Lal. 18. The excavations at Pandu Rajar Dhibi/P.C. Dasgupta. 19. The megaliths: their culture, ecology, economy and technology/S.B. Deo. 20. Mohenjodaro and the Indus civilization/John Marshall. 21. Explorations in Sind/N.G. Majumdar. 22. Further excavations at Mohenjodaro/E. Mackay. 23. City planning in the Harappa culture/Michael Jansen. 24. The Indus civilization: a reconsideration on the basis of distribution maps/J.P. Joshi, Madhu Bala and Jassu Ram. 25. Recent archaeological research in the Cholistan desert/M. Rafique Mughal. 26. Indus civilization in Saurastra/G.L. Possehl. 27. The Harappan levels at Hulas/K.N. Dikshit. 28. The Harappan settlement of Shortughai/H.P. Francfort. 29. Mathura as an ancient settlement/M.C. Joshi.

II. Technology: Introduction. 1. The metal technology of the Indian protohistoric cultures: its archaeological implications/D.P. Agrawal. 2. New data on the copper hoards and the Daimabad bronzes/D.P. Agrawal, R.V. Krishnamurthy and Sheela Kusumgar. 3. The copper age and prehistoric bronze implements of India/Vincent A. Smith. 4. Recent additions to our knowledge of the copper age antiquities of the Indian Empire/Hirananda Sastri. 5. Further copper hoards from the Gangetic basin and a review of the problem/B.B. Lal. 6. Ganeshwar-Jodhpura culture: new traits in Indian archaeology/R.C. Agrawala and Vijay Kumar. 7. The problem of tin in early India: a preliminary survey/Dilip K. Chakrabarti. 8. Iron in ancient India/P. Neogi. 9. The beginning of iron in India/Dilip K. Chakrabarti. 10. Bronze age iron from Afghanistan: its implications for South Asian protohistory/Jim G. Shaffer. 11. Iron tools, forest clearance and urbanisation in the Gangetic plains/Makkhan Lal. 12. Poor men's Thalis: a Deccan potter's technique/F.R. Allchin. 13. Textile impressions from the South Indian iron age/F.R. Allchin. 14. A note on the early history of silk in India/A.N. Gulati. 15. On the composition and technology of Harappan microbeads/K.T.M. Hegde, R.V. Karanth and S.P. Sychanthavong. 16. A note on the chemical composition of some glass beads from Rajghat, Varanasi/H.C. Bharadwaj. 17. The neolithic stone industry of the santal parganas/F.R. Allchin. 18. Some account of the lead mines of Ajmir/C.G. Dixon. 19. (Anonymous): on the copper works at Singhana near Khetri in the Shekhawati country. 20. The mines of Khetree in Rajpootana/J.C. Brooke. 21. Upon the antiquity and methods of gold mining in ancient India/F.R. Allchin. 22. Ancient mining activity around Agucha village, Bhilwara district, Rajasthan/R.K. Tiwari and N.K. Kavdia. 23. Early zinc production in India/P.T. Craddock, I.C. Freestone, L.K. Gurjar, K.T.M. Hegde and V.H. Sonawane.

III. Trade: Introduction. 1. The early commerce of Babylon with India, 700-300 BC/J. Kennedy. 2. Trade mechanisms in Indus-Mesopotamian interrelations/C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky. 3. The external trade during the Harappan period: evidence and hypotheses/Dilip K. Chakrabarti. 4. Harappans' interests in Kirman/Shashi Asthana. 5. South Turkmenia and the Indian borderlands/S.P. Gupta. 6. Makkan and Meluhha in early Mesopotamian sources/I.J. Gelb. 7. Notes on Afghanistan and Baluchistan/H.G. Raverty. 8. Roman coins found in India/Robert Sewell. 9. South India/M. Wheeler. 10. Romano-Indian rouletted pottery in Indonesia/Michael J. Walker and S. Santoso. 11. Roman and Byzantine coin-finds from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan/P. Bhatia.

"The articles selected for this anthology are meant to act as a guide to the changing ramifications and some major foci of Indian archaeology up to the mid-eighties. The subsequent publications are still too close to us for a clear historical assessment. Although published some eighteen years later than the first volume, compiled with the same intention this is a definitive 'source-book' in its own right and will further help people to turn to some major studies which have become over the years difficult of access.

"Like archaeology elsewhere, Indian archaeology too is getting increasingly complex and perhaps polarized. In a sense the articles incorporated in the present volume serve as a reminder of some of the issues which confronted Indian archaeology before the current phase of complexity and politicization.

"The relevant literature, right from the beginning of Indian archaeological studies, was carefully scrutinized in its entirety before the present volume was compiled." (jacket)

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