Crop Production in Waterlogged Saline Soils

S.K. Gupta, Scientific, 1997, iv, 239 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8172331592, $43.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. Extent, distribution and nature of problem soils. 2. Laboratory and field investigation. 3. Root zone soil salinity. 4. Water table control for reclamation. 5. Leaching of saline soils. 6. Crop production and alternate management. 7. Reclamation of coastal saline soils. 8. Socio-economic criteria for salinity control. Annexure. Subject index.

"The present monograph, first of its kind in the country, written by an agricultural engineer and soil scientist, shows that major part of the problem lands can be utilised for growing several selected crops if managed scientifically.

"Central Soil Salinity Research Institute has generated a wealth of information on this subject through pilot plant studies in last two decades. Supplemented with other studies conducted in the field and laboratories, the available relevant information has been presented in this monograph so that the latest synthesised knowledge becomes easily accessible to research workers, teachers, students, extension people and planners who can utilise it profitably in the diagnosis and improvement of waterlogged saline soils. Since the irrigation is practised world wide and waterlogging is a inevitable entailing consequence, the technologies and knowledge generated in India, presented herein, should prove immensely valuable to all other countries of the world as well." (jacket)

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