A Re-Discovered History of Gorkhas

Chandra B. Khanduri, Gyan Sagar, 1997, xxi, 306 p, maps, ISBN : 8186987061, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Introductory essay.I. The building of an empire: 1. Overview. 2. Situation leading to Gorkha invasion by invitation to Kumaon. 3. Invasion of Garhwal 1791-1792. 4. The dragon envelops Nepal. 5. Second campaign and occupation of Garhwal. 6. Kot Kangra, worse than Langurgarhi. 7. Annexation of Sikkim by Gorkhas. 8. Administration of occupied territories: a case of horrors than valours. 9. Fallouts of military campaigns. II. The loss of the empire: 10. Embroidered causes. 11. Organisations and tactics that made fighting possible. 12. Kalunga: the battlefield of Bal Bhadra Singh and Robert Rollo Gillespie. 13. Operations against Nepal 1814-1815: the grave-yard of the British generals. 14. Kumaon: a burden of history. 15. Jaithak: hoping for the best. 16. Rajgarh or Malaun: the decisive battle. 17. Operations against Nepal: second and final campaign. III. Emergence of a new phenomenon: 18. The coming of the Gorkhas of the Indian Army. 19. Laure-a continuing tradition. 20. Logistics: living off the land and discriminative extravaganza. 21. Reflections: valours and horrors. 22. Epilogue: the Gorkhas today. 23. Bibliography. 24. Index.
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