Mushroom Cultivation: An Economic Analysis

S.C. Tewari and Pankaj Kapoor, Mittal Publications, 2018, ISBN : 9788183249232, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Mushroom Cultivation: An Economic Analysis

Mushroom, an important protein yielding edible fleshy fungi, is becoming a prominent delicacy particularly in balanced vegetarian diet. Apart from its importance in providing the proteinous delicacies, mushroom cultivation is now becoming an important income generating activity. Unlike in agricultural enterprises, the land requirements for the enterprise is considerably less. Hence, mushroom growing can be an important activity for small farmers as well. Since mushroom cultivation is different from other agricultural and horticultural activities. It is important to have thorough knowledge of the different aspects of its cultivation. In this book, the authors have very interestingly dealt with the cultivation and marketing of mushrooms with special reference to Himachal Pradesh.

The exposition of the economics of mushroom cultivation and the feasibility studies will serve as a ready reference to those interested in this enterprise. The analysis of the socio-economic structure of the mushroom growers of the study area will surely motivate others in similar position. The discussion on the problems of mushroom growing will help the prospective growers to take all precautionary steps in time. The programme planners, executers, administrators and prospective mushroom growers will find this book highly interesting and useful.

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