Mushroom Diversity in Odisha : Mushrooms of Urban and Suburban Areas of Bhubaneswar

Nibha Gupta and Jiban Jyoti Panda, Regional Plant Resource Centre, 2019, pbk, 58 p, col. photographs, ISBN : 9788192779164, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Mushroom Diversity in Odisha : Mushrooms of Urban and Suburban Areas of Bhubaneswar

Contents: Foreword. Introduction. Desciption of mushroom species. 1. Amanita australis. 2. Amanita vaginata. 3. Clavaria vericularis. 4. Coltricia cinnamomea. 5. Coiniophora puteana. 6. Conocybe apala. 7. Dacryopinax spathularia. 8. Daldinia concentric. 9. Entoloma incanum. 10. Fomitopsis pinicola. 11. Ganoderma lucidum. 12. Ganoderma tsugae. 13. Geastrum fimbriatum. 14. Grifola frondosa. 15. Hirneola auricular. 16. Hygrocybe russocoriaceae. 17. Langermannia gigantean. 18. Lentinus fusipes. 19. Lentinus torulosus. 20. Lenzites betulina…

From the Foreward: Fungi are important group of eucarytotic microorganism and diversified pertaining to its morphology, physiological and metabolicactivity. Besides association with other living organisms in the world, environmental and edaphic factors undoubtedly reveal vital role in creating diversity among them. The fungal diversity and its morpho-functional qualities acquire prime place in biological world. India endowed with rich fungal diversity due to its various eco-climatic conditions. Fungi are omnipresent and promising candidate to explore for better academics and human welfare. Different soil types, agroclimatic conditions, huge forest cover creates a favourable environment for the growth and development of fungi in Odisha which has not been attempted in detail so far. Regional plant resource centre, Bhubaneswar has been doing a good quantum of research on fungal diversity especially mushrooms and microfungi. A comprehensive records on mushrooms occurred in different forests of Odisha has been reported well. The present book is in yet another significant contribution on diversity of mushrooms in urban and suburban area. 

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