India : Another Way of Life

Tzannis Tzannetakis. Translated by Alexandra Doumas, D.K. Printworld, 1998, ix, 191 p, coloured photos, ISBN : 812460083X, $59.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Introduction. 1. Bombay : the gateway to India. 2. Ajanta-Ellora : art infused with life. 3. Varanasi : the sacred city. 4. A taste of Indian religion. 5. Khajuraho : the dream. 6. Agra : the city of the Mughals. 7. Fatehpur Sikri : the city of victory. 8. On the roads. 9. Rajasthan : the land of valour and honour. 10. Jaipur : the rose-huedd city. 11. Chittorgarh : the cradle of courage. 12. Udaipur : the white city. 13. Jaisalmer : the desert city. 14. Jodhpur : the fortress city. 15. Gandhi-Nehru : the founders of modern India. 16. Delhi : the glorious capital. 17. The parting hours : the end of a romance.

"A journey to India... is quite unlike a journey to any other land..."--this sentiment expresses the 'uniqueness' of a visitor's experience of India. For, among other things, India is a perpetual mystery to him from the beginning; he wades through the mystique and out of it; and he is never free of it.

"For Mr. Tzannis Tzannetakis, a former Primie Minister of Greece, India is this and much more. His informal experiences presented here are diverse and steeped in the historic-cultural flavour special to India. He sees its centuries-old palaces, forts of ancient maharajas, of the glorious Mughals; the unparalleled cave monuments of Ajanta-Ellora with their exquisite carvings, the breathtaking sculptural decorations and the architectural 'dream' of Khajuraho; the grandeur of the Taj, a wonder in white marble; the exotic deserts of Jaisalmer; the heart of holy India, Banaras, with the everflowing Ganga; the marvel of Delhi which amalgamates the old and the new. His response is, likewise, rich with a range of tones; he not only admires the material landmarks of ancient India but breathes in the 'spirit' of the past--the old delight, the royal romance, the dignity, valour in that chivalry....His is not simply a 'discovery' of India but an analysis of India's 'time-tested' values and its 'modern' message in order to understand India in the real sense--its unique past; the India of today, of the traditional and the modern; and the India of the future.....its goals, aspirations.

"The author's tone is wonder-struck but, at the same time, genuine and realistic. He captures the 'essential' India--and not just its forms and colours--to present a delightful, critical and sensitive picture." (jacket)

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