Encyclopaedia of Commonwealth Literature (2 Vols-Set)

H.H. Anniah Gowda, Cosmo, 1998, 706 p, 2 vols, ISBN : 8170208106, $63.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. Mark Twain in India. 2. Henry James and Edith Wharton : a relationship of mutual admiration. 3. Hogan's Goat and American Verse Drama. 4. America's poet laureate: Robert Penn Warren. 5. An Eastern Light in the Western Chamber: poetry of Wallace Stevens. 6. James Dickey : a memoir and a critique. 7. Tribute to Tennessee Williams. 8. America's scholar journalist: Edmund Wilson. 9. Feminine black voice: Toni Morrison. 10. Current New Zealand poetry: a survey. 11. Australian poetry. 12. "A Racehorse Undersized" - an evaluation of A. BL ("Banjo") Pateron's: "The Man from Snowy River". 13. Patrick White's fiction: an overview. 14. Patrick White as a playwright. 15. Wilson Harris's TUMATUMARI. 16. History of Derek Walcott's voice: a study of his poetry. 17. A brief note on the dailect novels of Sam Selvon and Earl Lovelace. 18. Modern Commonwealth poetry outside England: a personal view. 19. The past invades us: Canadian short stories. 20. Ideal and real: developments in contemporary Canadian poetry. 21. Creation in the poetic development of Kamau Brathwaite. 22. The colonial encounter: Achebe's criticism. 23. The novels of Chinua Achebe. 24. Tradition and talent in Wole Soyinka's plays. 25. Do politics and poetry disagree?: a study of Wole Soyinka's dictators. 26. Ngugi Wa Thiong's as novelist. 27. Nadine Gordimer's World of Black and White: a study of her political novels and stories. 28. The design and the technique in Nadine Gordimer's The Conservationist. 29. Claude Mckay, Mahatma Gandhi, and passive resistance. 30. The English of the Indians and the Africans in their fiction. 31. Vicente Aleixandre and his sampler. 32. W.H. Auden: a tribute. 33. Graham Greene (1904-1991): a novelist for our time. 34. The portrait of T.S. Eliot from his letters. 35. Four quartets--an aspect of Indian thought. 36. E.M. Forster's India. 37. E.M. Foster: "To the Caves". 38. John Arden and the Avante-garde in English. 39. A defence of Shelley. 40. New light on Backett. 41. Contemporary writing in English in India, Pakistan & Ceylon. 42. Toru Dutt and Sarojini Naidu as poets. 43. Contemporary creative writers in English in India. 44. Indian drama in English - some highlights. 45. The current state of Indian writing in English. 46. A defence of Indian verse in English. 47. R.K. Narayan The Early Stories and odd Things. 48. The world of Premchand: Godaan and some stories. 49. India in Naipul's artistic consciousness. 50. Nationalism in R.K. Narayan: Is R.K. Narayan really apolitical? 51. Karnad's Tughlaq and Ramanujan's Relations. 52. Nissim Ezekiel's plays. 53. Mulk Raj Anand. 54. Ved Mehta in India. 55. Rajan: the serious and the comic. 56. Raja Rao's The Serpent and the Rope. 57. Kuvempu. 58. The golden gate: a Marvellous quaint. 59. Visions of decadence; William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! and V.S. Naipaul's The Minic Men. 60. Perfected passions: the love poetry of Kamala Das and Judith Wright. 61. The Tempest and Sakuntala: retribution and reconciliation. 62. Two nobel laureates: Patrick White and Octavio Paz. 63. "The fire and the rose are one." Repetition and renewal in the poetry of Hopkins and Eliot. 64. Ahmed Ali's Twilight in Delhi (1940) and Achebe's Things Fall apart (1958). 65. The Blind Homer in John Keats and Derek Walcott. 66. R.K. Narayan and Patrick White as short-story tellers. 67. Sunshine sketches in Malgudi and Mariposa: a comparative study of R.K. Narayan and Stephen Leacok as humourists. 68. Ideas into drama: Yeats and Tagore as playwrights.

"Encyclopaedia of Commonwealth Literature is perhaps the first comprehensive survey of literature of this multicultural grouping of peoples and societies. Besides essays on individual writers such as Nadine Gardimar, Wilson Harris, R.K. Narayan, Patrick White, Salman Rusdie Henry James, Edith Wharton, James Dickey, Toni Morrison, Chinua Achebe, Wok Soyinka, W.H. Auden, Graham Green, T.S. Eliot, E.F. Forster, Toru Dutt, Sarojini Naidu, Premchand, V.S. Naipaul, Mulk Raj Anand, Ved Mehta, Octavio Paz etc. there are essays on literary development in the countries comprising the Commonwealth.

"Encyclopaedia of Commonwealth Literature makes a significant contribution towards interpreting the Commonwealth, through its vast store house of literature." (jacket)

[H.H. Anniah Gowda's books include The Revival of English Poetic Drama & Dramatic Poetry from Mediaeval to Modern Times.]

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