50 Years : Library and Information Services in India

Edited by M.K. Jain, Shipra, 1998, x, 344 p, tables, ISBN : 8175410000, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Introduction. I. National Policy on Lis: 1. National policy on libraries, information systems and services: an overview/P.B. Mangla. II. Public Libraries: 2. Public libraries/D.R. Kalia. 3. Public library legislation/L.S. Ramaiah. 4. Fifty years of the American libraries in India/Jehanara Wasi and Madhavi Singh. III. Academic Libraries: 5. University libraries/Anjana Chattopadhyay. 6. Libraries in distance teaching universities/Neela Jagannathan. 7. College libraries from ancient times/Anuradha Gupta. 8. College libraries since independence/Anjana Chattopadhyay. 9. School libraries/M. Bavakutty. 10. Development of school libraries/Rupan A. Singh. IV. Special Libraries: 11. Government of India libraries/M.K. Jain. 12. Library services for the blind/Prem Raj Shihn. 13. Newspaper libraries/Dalip Singh. 14. Growth of the humanities libraries/M. Kanakachary. V. National Libraries: 15. National library: programmes, problems and prospects/Kalpana Dasgupta. 16. Agricultural libraries/Chhotey Lal. 17. Medical libraries/R.P. Dixit and A.K. Sharma. 18. Asiatic society of Bengal library/M.N. Nagaraj.

VI. Library Techniques: 19. Classification and indexing India's contribution/K.S. Raghavan. 20. Reference and information services/Sewa Singh. VII. Information Technology: 21. Internet and library services/Nirmal K. Jain. 22. Information technology and Indian libraries/A.L. Moorthy and S.S. Murthy. 23. From printed bibliographies to online databases: role of library networks/H.K. Kaul. 24. Resource sharing and library networking/Jainamma. VIII. Library and Information Science Education: 25. Library and information science education: trends and issues/P.B. Mangla. IX. Lis Literature: 26. Language dictionaries in library and information science/M.P. Satija. 27. LIS literature/Sewa Singh. Index.

"Joining the ranks of recent celebrations for the Golden Jubilee of India's Independence, a concrete attempt has been made to present holistic picture of developments in almost all important spheres of Library and Information Services (LIS) in India during the last fifty years in the book.

"This volume focuses on varied aspects namely, National Policy on LIS; Public, Academic, Special and National Libraries; Library Techniques; Information Technology; LIS Education and LIS Literature. The authors of the articles are eminent professionals from different institutions all over the country representing various fields and varied points of views. This book will be a valuable source of information for one and all connected with the profession of LIS. Moreover, the research students will get comprehensive picture of LIS in Indian context along with the future perspectives." (jacket)

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