The Murder of History : A Critique of History Textbooks used in Pakistan

K.K. Aziz, Renaissance, 1998, xvii, 278 p, ISBN : 8185199671, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. The prescribed myths. 2. The calamity of errors. 3. The road to ruin. 4. The burden of responsibility. Appendices: Index.

"In Pakistani schools and colleges what is being taught as history is really national mythology, and the subjects of Social Studies and Pakistan Studies are nothing but vehicles of political indoctrination. Our children don't learn history. They are ordered to read a carefully selected collection of falsehoods, fairy tales and plain lies. Why and how has this come about? Who is reponsible for it? In what ways is this destroying the country? Why doesn't anyone protest against it?.

"In this book, a distinguished Pakistani historian and political scientist asks and answers these questions for the first time by making an in depth study of 66 textbooks on these subjects currently in use in the schools and colleges of the country. He (1) lists their errors of fact, emphasis and interpretation, (2) enumerates their major omissions, (3) corrects their mistakes, (4) brings out the distortions they teach and perpetuate, (5) estimates their ravaging effects on the students, and (6) measures their impact on the nation at large. He does this with documented scholarship, meticulous care, deep understanding, acute concern, and rare courage.

"This is a stinging but fully deserved attack on the governments which order and prescribe these textbooks, the scholars and educationists who plan and approve them, the professors who write them, and the parents who accept them.

"The contents of this book should shake every general reader and throw every parent into a panic." (jacket)

[K.K. Aziz's books include The Pakistani Historian, Britain and Pakistan and Public Life in Muslim India.]

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