Art Heritage of Assam

R.D. Choudhury, Aryan, 1998, 168 p, 33 black and white plates, ISBN : 9788173051470, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Antiquities of Sri Surya Pahar: a source of early history of Kamarupa. 2. Gupta influence in Kamarupa as known from archaeological evidence. 3. Assam's earliest archaeological evidence at Sri Surya Pahar. 4. Recent archaeological discoveries in Assam. 5. Archaeological finds at the Narakasur hill. 6. Archaeological objects from Bargang T.E. 7. Archaeological remains at Bhuvan Pahar. 8. Assam sculpture: an outline. 9. Some folk sculptures preserved in the Assam State Museum. 10. Some wooden sculptures newly collected for Assam State Museum. 11. Some Buddhist sculptures preserved in the Assam State Museum. 12. Terracotta sculptures from Assam (pre-Ahom-Chutia-Koch period). 13. Elephants in the art of Assam. 14. Decorative elements in the art of Assam: a survey. 15. Art in the royal seals of the inscriptions from Assam. 16. Ambari: an important workshop of mediaeval art. 17. Brick temples at Na-nath. 18. Some newly collected images of the Assam State Museum. 19. A hoard of metallic images from Hahara. 20. Icons from Bijulibari. 21. Dating of two images. 22. A newly discovered image of Surya from Bilasipara. 23. The newly discovered image of Risabhanatha at Sri Surya Pahar. 24. A note on a few objects from Assam in British Museum. 25. The antiquity of the ruined temples at Daparvatia. 26. Gold objects from Singimari in Garo Hills district. 27. Temple ruins at Majgaon. Select bibliography.

"The present volume presents a vivid picture of the art heritage of Assam. The book makes a detailed study of icons, sculptures, coins, inscriptions and architectural remains of the state. It provides an unparalleled source of insight into art and archaeology of Assam, containing a detailed account of archaeological and artistic data and incorporating the latest researches on the subject.

"Strikingly illustrated and meticulously researched, the book is based on the critical use of vast scientific and archaeological inputs. The volume paces the way for further research in the region. It will be of immense help not only to the scholars and serious students but also to the lay readers." (jacket)

[R.D. Choudhury is the Director of Museums, Assam.]

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