A Dictionary of Hindu Architecture : Treating of Sanskrit Architectural Terms with Illustrative Quotations from Silpasastras, General Literature and Archaeological Records..Vol. I (no dust cover)

Prasanna Kumar Acharya, Munshiram Manoharlal, 1995, Manasara Series, Vol. 1, Reprint, 861 p, ISBN : 8121507014, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

"Lexicography, whatever be its field and scope, is eschewed by erudite scholars; for it demands of them nothing short of omniscience. The fact that Prof. P.K. Acharya became one in his own sphere is itself sufficient to vouchsafe the merits of his Dictionary of Hindu Architecture.

Dictionaries, in general, include technical terms only when these become commonplace. There is always a need for a dictionary which can illumine, technical terms. This dictionary devotes itself exclusively to the terminology of Hindu Architecture. Here the word architecture encompasses all activities of man connected with the satisfaction of one of his basic needs, i.e., shelter. All architectural terms found in Sanskrit works, epigraphic records and Vastusastra are presented here. The entries are arranged according to the alphabetical order of Sanskrit. The derivative and original significant of every technical word is investigated and illustrated by quotations from original sources to bring out every shade of its meaning. To cite an instance, the word Mandapa runs into twenty-seven pages with its eighty-six illustrative examples.

Two appendices, one furnishing important Sanskrit works on architecture and the other giving information about the famous Indian architects of the past are added. Thus this dictionary is a complete reference work on Indian architecture. " (jacket)

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