Flowering Plants of Meghalaya: A Pictorial Guide : Part 1

K Upadhaya, K L. Chaudhary, D K Roy, A H Mir and P P Singh, Meghalaya Biodiversity Board, Shillong, 2021, Pbk, viii, 304 p, 113 col plates, col figs, maps, tables, ISBN : 9789354735806, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Flowering Plants of Meghalaya: A Pictorial Guide : Part 1

Contents: Message. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Conspectus of species. 3. Photo plates of species. 4. References. 5. Index to botanical names. 6. Index to vernacular names.

From the Preface: The state of Meghalaya in Northeast India in a part of Indo-Burma hotspot and is rich in floristic diversity and endemism. The variation in edaphoclimatic conditions and the occurrence of different vegetation types i.e., tropical, subtropical-broad leaved, pine forest, bamboo and grasslands make it one of the richest botanical regions of our country. The rich floristic diversity of the state was recognized by a number of world renowned taxonomists. The botanical exploration of the state started towards the end of 18th century and subsequently followed by a number of botanists and researchers. This has led to the generation of a large database on the floristic diversity of the state. However, researchers and general public interested in plants and their identification often face hardship in identifying the species in the field. The present work is the first attempt of its kind to provide a base line checklist of the flowering plants of the state of Meghalaya with coloured photographs.

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