The Gandhian Vision

Ramjee Singh, Manak, 1998, v, 327 p, ISBN : 8186562400, $34.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Gandhi's vision of RTA. 2. Gandhi's vision of religion. 3. Ends-means-syndrome: Gandhi and Krishnamurthi. 4. Gandhi's concept of democracy. 5. Non-violence and social justice. 6. Gandhi's dynamics and strategies of nation building. 7. Vision of world poverty: the Gandhian perspective. 8. Gandhism after Gandhi. 9. Gurudeva and the Mahatma. 10. Terrorism and the Gandhian solution. 11. Environmental Sabbath and Gandhi. 12. Kumarappa's pre-vision and rio-vision. 13. Training of non-violence: the Gandhian approach. 14. J.P.'s dynamics of social change through youth power. 15. Gandhian solution to the Kashmir problem. 16. Ramjanam Bhoomi and Babri Masjid dispute: a Gandhian solution. 17. Gandhi's vision of peace. 18. Ambedkar and Gandhi. 19. Swaraj, Swedeshi and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. 20. The crisis in western culture and the future of mankind: a Gandhian perspective. 21. Gandhi for today. 22. Santi Sena as conflict resolution : ideology and programme. 23. Global peace and Gandhi. 24. The crisis in western culture and the Gandhian ethics. 25. Acharya Vinoba Bhave and his quest for non-violence. Index.

From the preface: "Gandhian vision is meaningless without Gandhian Mission. Gandhism is not an arm-chair philosophy but an action-ideology for non-violent social change. War has lost its dynamics and violence is becoming out of date. If we cannot evolve a moral equivalent of war and an alternative model of non-violent polity, economics, pedagogy, Gandhism is bound to be looked upon as a museum-piece of ideology. Spiritualisation of politics is not an outdated mediaval religious dogma but the only panacea for the unprincipled politics. Gandhi's call for creating an economy of permanence is in tune with the rio-vision of Stockholm declaration. Not only these ideological problems, even our present crisis of Kashmir, Punjab and Ayodhya can be resolved through Gandhian vision and Gandhian dynamics of love and mutual adjustments."

[Ramjee Singh's books include Jain Perspectives in Philosophy Religion and Culture and Jain Concept of Omniscience.]

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