Ancient Indian Numismatics : A Historiographical Study

Shankar Goyal, Kusumanjali, 1998, xviii, 226 p, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ancient Indian Numismatics : A Historiographical Study/Shankar Goyal

Contents: Preface. 1. The origin and antiquity of coinage in India. 2. The punch-marked coins. 3. The tribal and local coins. 4. The Indo-Greek coinage. 5. The imperial Scytho-Parthian and Western Kshatrapa coinage. 6. The coinage of the Kushanas. 7. The Satavahana coinage. 8. The coinage of the Gupta Empire. 9. The coinage of the Vakatakas. 10. Coins of the North Indian dynasties of the post-Gupta period (550-750 A.D). 11. Some miscellaneous aspects. Bibliographical Index.

"The study of ancient Indian coins is now a well-established discipline with a history of about two centuries behind it. But strangely no monograph on its historiography has so far been published. The present full-length monograph on this subject is thus a pioneering study. It critically examines all the important works and research articles published during the last two hundred years. Divided into eleven chapters it begins with the progress of the study of the problems of the origin and antiquity of coinage in India (Ch. one) and is followed by the historiography of PMC, local and tribal coins, Indo-Greek coinage, coinages of the Imperial Scythians and Pahlavas and the Western Kshatrapas and the coinage of the Kushanas (Chs. second to sixth). Then in the next four Chs. the numismatography of the Satavahanas, the Guptas, the Vakatakas and the post-Gupta dynasties has been discussed. In the last and concluding Ch. some miscellaneous aspects of ancient Indian numismatics, not covered in the study of the coins of various periods and dynasties, have been examined. Thus this monograph is at once a pioneering and comrephensive study of the historiography of ancient Indian numismatics." (jacket)

[Shankar Goyal is on the Faculty of the Department of History, University of Jodhpur. His books include Recent Historiography of Ancient India, Aspects of Ancient Indian History and Historiography and The Image of Classical India: Its Changing Colours and Contours.]


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