Coins of Ancient India

Kiran Kumar Thaplyal and Prashant Srivastava, Bharat, 1998, 254 p, illustrations, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Coins as a source of history. 2. Origin and antiquity of coinage in India. 3. Authority for issuing coins in ancient India. 4. The technique of manufacture. 5. Metrology. 6. The punch-marked coins. 7. Local coins. 8. Tribal coins. 9. Coinage of the Satavahanas. 10. Indo-Greek coins. 11. Coinage of the Saka-Pahlavas. 12. Coinage of the western Kshatrapas. 13. Kushana coins. 14. Coinage of the imperial Guptas. 15. Coins of the Hunas, Maukharis, and the Pushpabhutis. Select bibliography. List of illustrations. Plates.

"The book surveys briefly the various aspects of histories of tribal republics and individual kings and royal dynasties. It not only presents salient features of their coins, but also describes the obverse and reverse devices and legends of the important coin-types. In the case of dynastic coins, all important types of coins of the more significant kings have been described, and care has been taken that description of at least one type of each and every king who issued coins is included. Significance of joint, commemorative, and victory types of coins as also coins restruck by kings has been highlighted.

"It has been the endeavour to deal with all the important aspects of ancient Indian coinage such as their origin and antiquity, metal shape, size, weight, technique of manufacture, device, legend, issuing authority, and their bearing on history. Different views on various problems have been mentioned and often preference to a particular view is indicated together with arguments in its favour.

"About 100 representative coin-types have been illustrated in nine plates. Select bibliography of works on which this book is primarily based has been appended at the end." (jacket)

[Kiran Kumar Thaplyal is Professor and Head of the Department of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology, Lucknow University.]

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